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  5. No we are phasing out the support forum for a single ticketing system. We will be providing an online Knowledge Base system after the forum is closed. We recommend you join our Discord for general information and product information. http://www.rexsimulations.com/support.html
  6. REX Sky force 3d order number1942582 Simmarket alberto varano
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  8. We will be providing an online Knowledge Base system soon after the forum is shut down. But we will not be archiving the forum it will be removed completely.
  9. Your question has been acknowledged and the Developer will been notified about your request...
  10. A request: since the support forum will no longer exist, can all existing support topics be kept as an archived forum, please?
  11. World Airports HD DUYACDZQK Sky Force 3d ZXHONIQBC Purchased from REX Store.
  12. Bought my REX Overdrive FS2004 at Pilotshop.com., ordernumber: 577798
  13. REX Store REX Environment Force P3D 4+ KDWDMNAZX
  14. SUBJECT: REX support forum to be replaced with single ticketing system TYPE: ALERT LEVEL: HIGH DATE: Monday, August 19, 2019 EFFECTIVE DATE/TIME: Monday, August 19, 2019 END DATE/TIME: Saturday, August 31, 2019 TOPIC: Saturday, August 31st, the REX Support Forum will be replaced with a new support ticketing system. We will no longer be hosting a support forum. To seek support on a REX product please navigate to the following web page: http://www.rexsimulations.com/support.html In addition, we will be moving the REX Community to our REX Discord Server (https://discord.gg/h3KdtHa). Join our server now to get the latest information and updates as well as join discussions about all REX products.
  15. I bought: the following products with fspilotshop Order #1065667 (Completed) Order Date: Sunday 25 November, 2018Order Total: $22.48 Delivery Address Products 1 xREX SkyForce 3D for FSX and P3D - Delivery Option: Instant Download Order #861916 (Completed) Order Date: Wednesday 30 November, 2016Order Total: $24.24 Delivery Address Products 1 xREX - Weather Architect for FSX & P3D - Delivery Option: Instant Download For technical support with this product, please contact REX Game Studios.$12.48 1 xREX-Milviz - WX Advantage Radar for FSX and P3D - Delivery Option: Instant Download
  16. hi! CDXFLVAWZ Placed on 08/17/2019 REX 5 Sky Force + Environment Force Bundle REX Store!
  17. can I get verified please. order nr.1394288319809473490 Steam fsx REX 4 hd thanks
  18. Hey can I get verified please. order: HUVFQUFRS REX store REX skyforce 3D. Thank you Mark
  19. Posting for verification. Order: 2063361 Simmarket Rex5 Sky force 3D FSX P3D
  20. REX order number HFYACSJKN Store where you purchased REX REX STORE Which REX product REX 5 - Environment Force for P3D v4.4+
  21. REX Environment Force Order# 2090454 - SimMarket REX - REX SKY FORCE 3D FSX P3D - Order # 1940863 SimMarket
  22. Hi, This is the recommended start order... Environment Force Sky Force LM P3d 4.5
  23. REX 5 - Environment Force for P3D v4.4+ Order: BRRUXNHIH REX Store REX 5 - Sky Force 3D Order: RPCYOIWYD REX Store
  24. Is there a start Order with these two great add-ones before launching P3D? Do both have to be open and running in the background when launching P3D or only one of them? Finally, should they be started before or after AS for my current weather generator or does it matter? Thanks! Chris Order: MFBARRPGS Placed on 08/15/2019 18:21:08
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