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  3. Hey. @ timest999. Did you completely remove my last question, or did you put it in another place. when i can't find it in any support section? If you deleted, so thanks you. If you put it in another place, tell it to me. regards:Vesku_63
  4. 2049535 simMarket REX Environment Force
  5. Posting for verification also. A great products, thanks you. Order Number: #151919 Store : PCAviator.com Product : REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition(For FSX)
  6. Yesterday
  7. JFL7340368D3A8A38EC JUSTFLIGHT REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds HD Enhanced Edition
  8. Hi, Order Number NFQAPMCFZ REX Sim Studios Package of SkyForce 3D and Environment Force. Regards, Keith
  9. I want to remind folks that this is not a support thread. Post any issues you have in the proper area of our forum. Thank you.
  10. Dear Reed! Just to be funny: I suggest you use a steam iron - it might speed up the progress with the backwards compatibility! Good luck - I am still hopeing. Have a nice day (when you wake up) and a pleasant weekend ahead! Regards Henrik (OY)
  11. Last week
  12. Hi, 2040354- enviro force 1783200-skyforce simarket P3Dv4.5 cheers
  13. Was fixed in our latest Sky Force update that was released.
  14. Hi All, ORDER Number: 2047576 SimMarket Thanks !!!
  15. Order No. 2048641 Simmarket REX GAME STUDIOS - REX 5 - ENVIRONMENT FORCE
  16. Order #238106 PC Aviator REX Sky Force 3D
  17. Michael McWilliams Purchased both Environment Force and Sky Force from PC Aviator. Order number 237971 Thanks!
  18. Order Number : NYATYWHOQ Store : REX Store Product : Environment Force
  19. REX Store REX Worldwide Airports HD Order: XNMDXIKUM REX Sky Force 3D Order: OLDXBDQHM
  20. Posting for verification: Order: YSLNTPGPJ REX Store SkyForce 4/5
  21. Purchased from Simmarket: Order NO: 1940374 REX Sky Force 3D FSX/P3D
  22. posting for verification. REX SF3D order # FOCWUALRO - placed on 08/19/2018 MODERATOR EDIT: We do not ask for serial numbers. Please don't post that in public.
  23. REX 5 - Environment Force (JustFlight) : JFL7601767A97002F33
  24. REX Sky Force 3D Order # UNWEMLBUY (REX Store)
  25. Dear ladies and gentlemen would like to get a verfied member. I have bought several REX Products already like REX Environment Xtrm, Reex Real Environment, REX Essential plus REX 4 and resSky force all bought with FlightSimStore. which is not existing anymoer Order no of rexSkyForc FSS0567946 looking forward to get a member thanks brgds werner
  26. Registering for support for: REX Sky Force 3D Purchased from: FSPilotShop.Com Order No. 1091073
  27. Hi fspilotshop #1056029 REX SkyForce 3D for FSX and P3D #877561 REX - WorldWide Airports HD for FSX & P3D
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