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  2. Just posting to become verified. Thank you! REX order number or store ID: 1120096774 Store where you purchased: Aerosoft Which REX product: REX Sky Force 3D for P3D
  3. Hi, Our plan is to incorporate historical weather in a major version update.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I like to fly in England and Alaska (I live in SE USA). Is there a way to load historical weather based upon the simulator time? Too often Iโ€™m flying when itโ€™s the wee hours in England where itโ€™s foggy, etc. in real-time weather. Thanks!
  6. Real weather Sky Force & Environment Force. Flying to MMGL under not "good" conditions. We can enjoy different effects during this clip. EF_Julio_Bolaรฑos.mp4
  7. Where do I go to for support about trying to find my order number again. Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this question. Thanks
  8. REX Skyforce Order #JFL7652713FE824F4E9 Bought from Just Flight
  9. Store order number: 1778116 Store: Simmarket REX product: REX SKY FORCE 3D FSX P3D
  10. Hi REX Worldwide Airports HD REX Store; Order reference: WZCQSXZTZ REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition REX Store; Order reference: MAHOTLRME Thank You.
  11. Want to get verified REX 5 environment force reference NOLNQFZJY from REX Store
  12. Hi JB, just post away, and just post your best only
  13. Just so he get credit where credit due. MS didn't invent flight simulator. Bruce Artwick did. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=Jj4FXe68OsGE5wKPx7qICA&q=bruce+artwick&oq=bruce+art&gs_l=psy-ab.1.3.0i131l2j0l8.2557.6734..10962...0.0..0.331.2830.1j0j5j4......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..35i39.MO3A6Ok75E4
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