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  2. Support verify # 3HE739480W3797919
  3. Received an email this morning "Announcing REX5 Environment Force". I assumed it was ready for purchase. I immediately headed over to get it but its STILL only at " Coming Soon"...... gutted, lol
  4. Yesterday
  5. Mark M Balagtas order ID:1880768 simmarket REX SkyForce
  6. REX Store FSZFUFZWZ Sky Force and WX Advantage Radar Bundle: REX 5 Sky Force 3D WX Advantage Radar
  7. Hi, Please check your private mail here on our forum. Thank you.
  8. We hereby acknowledge receipt of your order at Aerosoft US Shop (Nummer: 1120032148) on 08.10.2018 at 18:01. Posting my order no. from AEROSOFT STORE
  9. Last week
  10. Order number #FSS0566365 SF3D Flightsimstore Thanks
  11. Store: www.pcaviator.com Product: REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition Order id: #157150 Many thanks!!! Sebastian from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  12. Hi REX Team,, 😀 c’mon guys?! ... no plans for an Easter sale?? 😯 Mike
  13. 2028374 simMarket REX 5 - Sky Force 3D FSX P3D
  14. REX-Milviz - WX Advantage Radar for FSX and P3D Purchased from FSPilotShop Order #1086279
  15. This support topic is currently being handled via our support ticketing system. This topic is temporarily locked until the support ticket is resolved.
  16. Hi, Due to the nature of this topic, we ask that you send an email to our Tier 2 Technical Support Staff at support@rexgamestudios.com Please provide a link to this post in your email. Thank you for your patience as we try to help you resolve this.
  17. Its many many years since I purchased this and I can’t remember where i bought it from. Can the support team help me find it? I can provide the necessary information. Thanks EDIT I found it and i bought it on Fspilotshop. But its saying purchase to activate link? Do i need to pay a fee again?
  18. posting for verification. REX 5 order # : JFL75707106B27DD701 Order from Just Flight
  19. Posting verification Bought from REX store order reference KNLEQFFTJ I bought REX sky force 3D
  20. REX SKYFORCE 3D for P3d Simmarket : 1777046
  21. Order Reference KWYIWLRGB - placed on 07/14/2018 Pack 16 - REX Sky Force 3D Pack 16 - WX Advantage Radar
  22. Verification post. simMarket Order No.1775501 Many thanks, Kevin
  23. Purchased REX Soft Clouds from the REX Store Order #XQCAEPXAZ on 12/31/2014 Please verify me.
  24. REX order number : TRDUYCLXR, LLOLQIIRS, PMBJBZDDO Store where you purchased REX: REX Store Which REX product: REX Sky Force 3D, WX Advantage Radar, REX 4
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