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  2. Products (all Aerosoft Store) REX 5 - Environment Force: 1120088335 REX 4 Sky Force 3D: 1126726 REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds HD - Enhanced Edition: 1108446 REX 4 Worldwide Airports HD: 1120015847
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  4. WX ADVANTAGE RADAR STATUS UPDATE: RELEASED BUILD: TECHNICAL UPDATE 7 DATE: 5/21/2019 Developer Message: We have officially released Technical Update 7 for the WX Advantage Radar. This build focuses on support for Prepar3D v4.5, and 4.5 Hotfix 1. You can download and install the latest full build through the updater or via the link provided below:
  5. Yep here : REX GAME STUDIOS - REX 5 - ENVIRONMENT FORCE Your simMarket Order (ORDER #2047600)
  6. REX order number or store ID (1943335) Store where you purchased REX Sim Market Which REX product REX - REX SKY FORCE 3D FSX P3D
  7. REX SkyForce 3D Simmarket Ordernr.: 1889934
  8. Verification * #IN032157 DATE: 04/30/2019 * ACCYSYCKS DATE: 04/30/2019 * REX Store Phoenix, United States * REX 5 - Sky Force 3D * REX 5 - Environment Force
  9. REX4: FSS0252743 | REXSF: FSS0562743 | REXSC: FSS0346292 | REXEF: KDFZJCWDP
  10. REX SKY FORCE 3D STATUS UPDATE: RELEASED BUILD: TECHNICAL UPDATE 2.2 DATE: 5/21/2019 Developer message: We have officially released Technical Update 2.2 for REX Sky Force 3D. If you have build 5.0.2019.0410 installed you can use the automatic update system within the application download and install the patch or navigate to the following forum link: Otherwise, all vendors have been sent the latest full build of 5.0.2019.0514. Please allow 24 hours for them to get the files updated.
  11. FSPilotShop REX Skyforce 3d 1089616
  12. Order PKPGPNZYF REX Store REX 4 verifying
  13. REX Store REX 5 - Worldwide Airports HD Order Number: ZQZSMLTGH Thanks, Almedin
  14. Order Number: JFL76148041973FAD21 Just Flight REX Skyforce 3D
  15. Good morning I bouhgt several REX procucts by FlightSimStore last product was RexSkyForce Order no FSS0567945 FlightSimStor is not existing anymore never the less i would like to get a member at your side thanks for your support brgds werner
  16. Order BVCHYLDFP Store REX store Product REX Environment Force
  17. REX order number or store ID: IITXNCOGH Store where you purchased REX: REX STORE Which REX product: REX SKYFORCE 3D
  18. Environment Force Simmarket Order Number 2038598
  19. Yesterday
  20. REX order 62469 Flight sim.com REX Sky Force 3D I had a problem I request product 64 bit for FSX and The link for download give me for P3Dv4
  21. LXGLELANR REX Store Skyforce & environment force
  22. verification please, ORDER Number: 2039088
  23. Hello REX Store REX SkyForce 3D P3D v4 - GHYYQHYXA REX Environment Force - VLJGFQYFP Thank You Marek
  24. Support Verification: QYJPZRHRS WZPHXNFBO Both purchased in the REX store.
  25. Purchased both through REX Store: REX Environment Force P3D v4 - MHXQFNFYI REX SkyForce 3D P3D v4 - AQVOHSEXI
  26. Hi, REX Sky Force 3D, order number #224625 REX Enviroment Force, order number #237825 Store: PC Aviator
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