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RESOLVED Out of Memory error

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Fying FSX boxed w/ all updates on a Windows10 machine. I have installed REX Sky Force 3D, Active Sky Next 2016 (for weather)., REX Textures Direct.  While flying from KTVL to KMRY, I got an out of memory error. FSX shutdown. Do all these add ons need to be running in the background OR once they have loaded into the Sim can they be shut down? Could this be the cause of the out of memory error. I have a GTX 980 gpu, 32 gigs of RAM and a decent CPU. Thank you for any help.

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There are many factors that can contribute to lower than expected performance.  Please review the following suggestions:

Flight Simulator Performance Suggestions:

1.) If you using an environment texture package - reduce the resolution of each texture package until you received the desired results.

2.) If using any 3rd party aircraft of scenery - reduce the resolution until you reach the desired results.

3.) Reduce your texture resolutions within Sky Force to DXT5 and 512 x 512 then reinstall the textures.

Computer System Performance Suggestions:

1.) Remove your computer trash.

2.) Remove your browser history.

3.) Turn off all unnecessary running applications.

4.) Turn off all unnecessary startup applications.

5.) Download and Install the free version of CCleaner or similar tool and run a registry cleaner.

6.) If not using a Solid State Drive, please be sure to defrag your hard drive.

7.) Run a security sweep of your system to confirm there is no issues or viruses.

8.) Make sure you have updated to the latest graphics card drivers.

9.) Make sure you have updated to the latest Windows Update.

Let us know if any of these suggestions helped.


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