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RESOLVED Installation Problem REX Environment Force

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8 hours ago, Hanse_Rolf said:


I solved the issue in the mean time by myself. As assumed the problem was connected to the failed installation of the SQL server. I do not know why the SQL server files were not downloaded and installed (maybe the download link is not correct) during the installation. I therefore downloaded the files from Microsoft myself and installed the SQL server. Then I started the installation again and it recognized that the SQL server was already installed and finished without any error messages. Now everything is working fine.




I have the same issue here, can you tell me where i can download  sql server local DB 2016?

I opened the microsoft web bit i cant understand where i should download.


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26 minutes ago, Xander Koote said:

Alright, done.

Here is what I did ...

- Searched Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016 ( Don't know about posting other websites, but the website ends in .... =56840)

- Downloaded and installed the exe file. It is a dark grey themed install window.

- When I did it the first time, the subsequent program that offers additional downloads did not open, however on my second try, and choosing a custom install did the trick. So on initial install choose the custom option.

- After install a customization window opens. It is a step by step process and easy to understand. I chosse to leave the auto updates OFF

- When you get to additional features, choose LocalDb. At the end of the steps, the package installs. (There's an extended quiet period, but it is installing)

- Install complete, exit and install REF.



Hello mate,


Thanks, it works.. i download from https://www.hanselman.com/blog/DownloadSQLServerExpress.aspx 

Find SQL server 2016 with SP2 express edition and choose LocalDB and download it then install it.

Thanks again 

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