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RESOLVED I'm starting to think I have some kind of magical computer

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I thought I would post this because i am baffled.  Not only by some of the performance issues raised here but with almost every addon I have.  It is making me think that my system has some sort of black magic making it work.  Now, I am not a frame rate hog.  I don't care to get 50+ fps.  For years now I have understood that when I go to an IMAX movie and come out hooting and hollering and high fiving everyone because it was the best cinematic experience I have ever beheld, I am watching 24 fps.  That's it.  24.  Not 30 or 60 but 24.  So, I used Nvidia to clock my 49 inch Sanyo to 1080i at a 30 MHz refresh rate, vsynched P3D and locked frames at 30.  My thought is that every ounce of GPU/CPU that I was trying to use to chase >30 frames was going to go to more wow factor in the game.  In my case, with my black magic system I was right.  Here are my specs

I7 2600K 3.4 GHz CPU clocked to 4.3 I think. 
GPU....hold your breath...GTX670 I can't even remember who made it, but it was supposedly overclocked out of the box and I have not touched it (I like to fly not tweak)
16 GB Ram
MB z68 Gen3

My settings for EF are simple.  Everytime I have installed it I set the texture resolution to 1024 (clouds are supposed to be fuzzy) and run automode with Enable WxSmoothing and Real Time Data Read both OFF, everything else on.  No other shader program.  

Here are my P3D settings and a snap of GPU and CPUz

With this, no matter what plane I use and what addon airport I fly into and out of I get 23-30 frames, smooth.  I have almost all of ORBX stuff, and Pilots Mesh.  PMDG, Leonardo, Aerosoft Airbus, Captain Sim 757, Dash 8, QW787, AS CRJ etc.  They all give me great results in the 23-30 fps range, more importantly SMOOTH. I know I need a new system, but I am in no hurry.  Maybe I will pick up a new Jetline Systems show computer next year in Vegas.  Also, as you can probably tell, I am no expert, nor try or want to be one, when I it comes to gaming systems.  I do not tweak much if any at all.  I concentrate on my in sim experience that is it. 
















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Thank you for posting that. Maybe this will help others with certain settings etc.


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