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ANSWERED Just installed SF3D and WOW

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I came to an epiphany earlier this evening and realised that I've been using P3D wrong this whole time! You see, I have EF and ASP4, but the clouds...were...meh. I did some research as to whether I should pick the other or REX SF3D. I chose the latter and fired up a quick flight 1am my time, I didn't even wait for the 15% discount code anymore from justflight, maybe next time :D . And wow, this software totally changed everything. I used the built in wx engine, trusting the devs that they are working to improve the wx engine in the future updates...but for now...I am satisfied.

The only difference I noticed though is that my GPU is running at 80% most of the time with this wx engine. Probably because of all the cloud layers being rendered.

Looking forward to the upcoming weather force and further improvements to the built in wx engine. :D 









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Really beautiful pictures here. Thank you for posting those and for your support.

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