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RESOLVED Scene Lighting FPS drop + feedback

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The only place the Scene Lighting slider works is at 1.0 (hard right). if I move it 1px left I lose all shadows and the scene becomes a flat mess and the framerate drops from 25fps to 6fps (RTX 2080TI)



Other Feedback

  • Enable Manual Lighting is disabled on startup regardless of previous setting, can it not restore previous settings?
  • I've to restart REX if I restart P3D. GRRR 😡
  • Unable to save over previous PRESET. 
    I have to delete the old one then SAVE PRESET. I mean really, would SAVE AS be that difficult? I know its the REX way to have this confusing 'no currently loaded preset' concept but please please please provide SAVE AS to avoid the current madness of DELETE, SAVE PRESET, DELETE SAVE PRESET. Did no one suggest this? 😂
  • Cloud shadow intensity slider pretty please, they never look right when the other sliders are moved.

All in all the first step into a new world of realtime tweaking, great work and I look forward to the Update!


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Happy to report back the latest dll (June 11th) is working a lot better for me and I no longer get the strange jumps or loss of FPS.

Good job! 

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