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RESOLVED Majestic Dash 8 WX Radar + EF + AS = CTD

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Hello All

I have found that running Active Sky (ASP4 version) and Environment Force on P3Dv4.5(HF1) results in a CDT in the Majestic Dash 8 when the WX Radar mode is turned from Test to On.

If the WX Radar is left turned off or standby or even test, there is no issue. Within a half second of turning it on, a CTD occurs.

The issue is present in all locations, weather conditions and times I have tried it so far. The issue is repeatable and persistent. It stops happening when EF is disabled with ASP4 active OR if EF is active with ASP4 disabled. It is the combination of the two being active which seems to cause the issue.



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