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CLOSED In a positive light EF.......

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once we gather a better understanding, EF begins to reveal it true value and promise.  After a Godsend discovery made by Mr. Chris O within the TOMATO sHADE setting and a few other recommendations, Im really beginning to love this product.  

I know there are still some early birthing pains for some, and we still need to be versed in utilizing the tool for our own setups, EF is seemingly coming together. 

My concerns are reports of black screens and or monotone visuals after an uninstall of the product.  Surely these will be addressed shortly.

In the interim I just want to share a few positive shots I'VE captured







and turning of the enhanced HDR only turns of the HDR in EF

(ENHANCED HDR ON ABOVE / OFF BELOW) And depending on the time of day  like above, I will fl with HDR on.  At night turn it off.



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I am just checking in to see if the issue you are experiencing has been resolved?

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