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ANNOUNCEMENT Holy Cow REX Team... EF is immersive!

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I just installed EF set up a flight from KAVX to L35. I never have had such a immersive flight in all my years with the hobby. 

I am using auto mode.  The only thing I added was the auto texture sync button. Maybe their is a good reason it was set to the off position ?

I am  using REX Sky-force  and a non REX weather engine, PTA and it all gives a Flying Environment like no other.

I have noticed that shaders are working non stop when flying in and out of clouds which gives changing shades with the position of the sun and clouds amazing!  

One can argue that it can get a bit too bright adjusting at times but it is a brilliant program at least for me. 

Environment Force is the wow factor hands down!






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From everyone at REX and especially the Development and BETA Team, we thank you for your kind words and compliments 
REX Support 

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