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RESOLVED Purchase log in issues

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I have purchased various REX products over the years .


To receive this discount, you must purchase Sky Force where you originally purchased another REX product.

I have attempted to log in to the purchase side of REX but it does not recognize my account / e-mail.

I can log into the forums but not to purchase...

Will REX recognize my automatically recognize my purchase(s) and apply the discount once I am able to log in?

Sincerest appreciation in advance for assistance,



Order #FSS0001622816228


DOP: 03/12/2008

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Due to the nature of this topic, we ask that you send an email to our Tier 2 Technical Support Staff at support@rexgamestudios.com

Please provide a link to this post in your email.  

Thank you for your patience as we try to help you resolve this.

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