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Sam Arnold

ANSWERED What REX product to buy?

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Hi team,

I'm a loyal REX 2004 customer who just moved into P3Dv4.
I use ASP4 for my weather engine, but have always used REX for all my texturing needs.

What REX program should I buy for textures?
REX Texture Direct + Soft Clouds seems like the texture program I need.
But do I need to buy REX Sky Force before that? I won't be using REX for weather generation, as I have always preferred the realism of AS engine.

Gave AS Cloud Art a try and it's terrible! Give me REX textures and sky colours any day!

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Hi Sam, Sky Force no doubt! It's not only textures but the 3D Cloud models and complete real-world cloud classification. If using another weather engine, simply disable the Sky Force weather engine, but leave it running so it syncs the cloud models in realtime. Also, smooth weather changes coming to Sky Force users.


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Thanks,  then if I buy Sky Force, then is Texture Direct mandatory to get improved textures? Or is Sky Force recommended standalone?
I would love to buy both products, but want to know if it's necessary.

I'm used to REX 2004, which looked 100% IMHO. What current day equivalent mostly carries on from REX 2004?



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Hi there,

Sky Force is improved sky environment textures and new cloud models as well. Texture Direct has water and runway textures, which Sky Force does not have, but the sky and cloud textures and models in Sky Force are a huge improvement over what you were used to before!

Let me know if that makes sense.

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