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Firstly, you probably need to make a tab in the forums topics so people can easily find information about Sky Force

Secondly and about my problems: 

The purchase and installation of SkyForce 3D has not been trouble free.  First, after download and attempting to install I was being told I needed a bootstrapper.  Finally found a solution on line which involved re-downloading the install package.  The installation then worked fine.


Second issue happened twice after the install.  Whilst attempting to fly, I would climb a 3 or 4,000 feet (just below the cloud base) and then all my screens would go blank (cockpit monitors and surround scene projectors).  It appears the computer is still on as all the controllers and radios are still lit up.  I haven't had a chance to investigate yet, but first thoughts are possibly something to do with resolution. Also, I haven't installed any up dates yet......

......FOLLOW UP .....

Nothing like an old fool!!……Problem solved …….It just struck me that because the download of the software was going to take hours and I was going to leave the computer on over night, I adjusted the display power setting to go into sleep mode after one minute, but it was one of those things that could have taken a lot of time to work out. The interesting thing is, although I was inputting to the computer with the yoke and rudder pedals, the computer clearly wasn’t treating this as an input in the same way as it would if it were a mouse or keyboard input. Lesson learnt 

I hope this helps someone else :-) 

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Hi and welcome to the forums. The reason you couldn't access the Sky Force forum for support is because you have to be verified as per this thread and forum rules.


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