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Alex Kane

KNOWLEDGE BASE Clarification about SF

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I have read misleading information on forums and social media concerning Sky Force, from AVSIM and others.

  • By disabling SF weather engine, ANY 3rd-party weather engine can use all contents of SF without limitation. Textures and all cloud models are 100% activated with full features, including, tornado, rain-shaft, roll clouds etc.
  • The new cloud models are brand new cloud structures to reproduce the real size, heights and clouds types, which also fix the upside down textures often seen before SF was released. It is not true that the difference from default are only more fuller with more variations, these are all brand new model structures, developed close to the real formations, doubled the texture mapping for them which require the new SF cloud textures and we added many new types never done before, and this is only the start.
  • SF cloud textures contain soft, medium and detailed edges for user taste.
  • Environment Force will take advantage of SF with an API for real-time atmospheric changes and live texture injection.

Our cloud texture sheets within the cloud files are mapped on the fly with different cloud types and different models. A static screenshot will never show any major differences (especially from looking up under the bases), since we double the mapping. SF is about immersion with different weather scenarios and situations, not just static examples. Basically with the Sky Force textures/cloud model structures/mapping/synching, you can experience endless variation and differences with varying metar on the fly.

Each texture set is doubled for less repetition of clouds and adds more variation in any given realtime scene. Also, developing it in this way doesn't allow for the cloud bases to repeat endlessly in the distance. 

I hope this clears up any misleading information.

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