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I dont own wwa yet but i have an idea to use it with freeware airports without conflicts. Is it possible for you to implement a general entry for wwa in a library so people who use freewares are able to order as they wish?

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I think I know what you're suggesting, but that wouldn't be possible with the way WWA is structured. WWA is not a scenery library item like freeware airports, it is texture replacement just like like our other products (though it does include vehicle models as well). So it's basic functionality is identical to REX Texture Direct, but of course for airports instead of environment. As such there is no way to have it be reordered in the library as you mention.

Our product replaces textures in line with the FSX SDK. That is the reason why they tend to affect freeware, because many freeware developers use the SDK. The reason why payware airports are typically unaffected is not because of any protection mechanism or reordering on our part, but because most payware developers go outside of the bounds of the SDK to make their products. (On another note, this is also the reason why we have to re-do the 'high-detail' airports (of which KSLC is the first), because those were developed by ACES for Microsoft and they did not use the SDK either, which is why they are unaffected by our product by default.)

Let me know if that makes more sense.

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