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ANSWERED How to combine from both REX Essentials with Overdrive and REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds

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Hi Guys,


I have purchased both of these fabulous products recently and I vaguely remember someone in another thread telling me that some combine textures from both REX Essentials with Overdrive and REX 4 Textures Direct with soft clouds.

Can anyone tell me how to or if you can use some settings from both and if so how you go about it as when you are in one product when you get to the end it asks if you want to fly now or do you finish loading your textures from one of them then switch to the other then opnce those textures are loaded, do you then click fly now ?


Any assistance is appreciated.





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Thank you for your inquiry.

First. you need to decide what textures you want to load from both products and then deselect which you don't want within the OPTIONS windows of each program.

Second, start up REX 4 Texture Direct and navigate to the Configuration Window.  Within the Configuration Window set the Weather Engine to the main exe file of where REX Essentials is installed.  This will cause REX 4 to automatically start REX Essentials when you are doing using REX 4.

Third, with REX 4 open, select the textures/texture themes you want to install and then when it asks if you want to "FLY NOW" click the OK button.  This will auto start REX Essentials.

If you do not want any textures to install from REX Essentials, then click the "FLY NOW" in the menu list NOT the "FLY NOW" button on the main screen.

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