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INQUIRY Request/suggestion for unstretched clouds

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I think this is a question for the REX Team :rolleyes: We had exchanged/talked about the stretched clouds issue near the poles, I mean in Antarctica, where the clouds are misformed because of the "FSX engine limits".

A solution, in my opinion, could be: imagine the clouds are well formed with an x X y picture, and that they're drawn/displayed as an x' X y' form that is odd where x' = x * xBadFactor and y' = y * yBadFactor. The source picture should then be done/drawn with an x / xBadFactor and y / yBadFactor so that it will be WELL FORMED when disformed by the engine. Am I well understood? :D

Take an example:

1/ A cloud has a 1024(x) x 512(y) pixels size.

2/ Near the usual latitudes, it gets a good form: OK.

3/ Near the South Pole, it gets an odd stretched form, for example something that seems to be in fact a 512 x 384 pixels => in this case, deforming the original picture in a 2048 x 683 pixels will give a good 1024 x 512 when displaying in the South!

Of course, the IHM should offer a checked box for example "flying near the Poles" to permit to choose the right set of cloud pictures/files. NB: piece on the cake, if a flight plan is active, the software could choose the good set of files itself ;)

If the REX Team could put this feature in REX Ess. OD, it could be GREAT!!! :)

Thank you to have read my stuff and to try to understand...

PS: I can more elaborate if needed (English isn't my first language thus perhaps it is understandable? Sorry if that's the case!) and in the starting blocks for beta test if wanted.

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