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ANSWERED Completely Confused

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I currently fly in FSX using Active Sky Next and Flight Environment X (FEX) but in the next couple of weeks I'll be making the switch to P3D V3. I understand that FEX doesn't currently work in P3D although I'm told there are a couple of work-arounds. However, I've seen some videos on YouTube where REX produces wonderful cloud and lighting effects. As a result I think I want to purchase a REX product. The problem is that there are so many different versions of what appears to be the same product.

My question is - Which product do I need to give me good clouds such as I had with FEX? I don't mind having to purchase a couple of add-ons but I don't want to then have to do a lot of tweaking to get them to work together. I might have the time because I'm retired but I don't want to spend my days just playing with settings.

Thanks in anticipation for your help.


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Hi there,

If you want just clouds, get Soft Clouds. It provides beautiful low-level clouds (no cirrus in this package).

If you want higher level clouds, get Texture Direct. It is a full texture package with low and high level clouds. You can also get the products bundled together, which is what I would personally recommend.

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