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SUGGESTION A suggestion - ability to disable rain in thunderstorms?

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I must say I'm enjoying Weather Architect with REX 4 Texture Direct/Soft Clouds a great deal. I just has one question and a possible suggestion.

Firstly, I notice fog patches/low clouds often disappear just as I approach them - is this something to do with my settings or a general FSX issue?

Secondly, a suggestion I would like to make is the ability to disable rain associated with thunderstorms. I think your lighting and sound effects are lovely but the default FSX rain really sucks - especially when on the ground as the aircraft is surrounded by a dome where there is no rain for some reason. It would be great to enjoy the dramatic thunderstorms afforded by REX WA/RTD4 without FSX rain. No sure how difficult this would be for you to implement the ability to disable rain from the weather cell settings?

Ability to undo or erase cells in WA would be great (kind of expected this to be there so was a little surprised to find there was no undo option) - I know this has been suggested by others as has the ability to set cloud altitude - although WA does a pretty good job of getting this right on its own.

Anyway - please keep up the good work as I enjoy your products a great deal.



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Thank you for your thoughts.  I will mark this post as a suggestion. Several of these requests have been made already.

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and I still hope that there will we an update one day which considers those suggestions. Also the possibilty to edit an existing them would be very nice.



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