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RESOLVED Installation Cab12 Error File

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I've had REX Essential/Plus Overdrive since last year which i bought from fspilotshop (CD Version) due to my internet connection being very low in my area. Recently the program has been crashing on me alot so i decided to uninstall the program and start again. Every time i copy the files from the CD, and begin the main installation the same error comes up all the time called "cirrus_few03.imagedata_60" that cannot be found in "Cab12.cab" due to an CD or network error. I checked the "Cab12.cab" unextracted file and its there but named like this? "cirrus_few03.imagedata_60<--". Does it means its there but corrupted?

Hope you can help me with this problem, as ive just purchased RE4 Texture Direct. 




*Resolved* 28/11/2014 17:38


Nevermind its been fixed, i manually got the unextracted file from the CD and replaced it with the one that has current error. I would recommend to keep this topic here, just in case if anyone has issues with the CD versions. Just get the cab file from the CD *copy* and * replace* with the file that has the error. 

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