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RESOLVED REX 4 and FTX Global/Vector from ORBX can they coexist ?

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I am trying to understand this new REX 4 product called "Direct", when REX talk about

texture is that only Weather texture for cloud/water and so one..?


I assume these texture they are talking about are for airport/runaway/cloud/water only ?

  - I have read the link below several time but still not 100% sure, (sorry..)

  - http://www.rexdirectexperience.com/index.html#about



I have orbx FTX Global and vector installed and they are working just great. Can they coexist

with REX 4, without any issues and not changing any textures on the ground ?

  - I dont want to end up with some meshy ground/mountain landscape/road issues if I buy REX 4,

  - http://fullterrain.com/ (FTX Global/vector)



Appriciate any comments or feedback, please




Rgds Søren

Had REX 3 for many years, without any issues :-). Great product.

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Soren. REX does not use any ground textures unless you count the runway etc. textures. It will not interfere with GEX, UTX, FTX etc.

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I am using the full range of FTX scenery and have no issues with REX4.

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