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RESOLVED Starting REX weather

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In the REX manual, there is only a quick start section to explain how to start FSX with REX weather.


The three options are :-
1. WANT TO FLY - Allows REX to randomly select and install textures into FSX/P3D, then opens both the flight simulator and the REX Weather Engine.
2. LIKE TO CREATE - Allows you to create texture themes, select and install textures/sounds or share/ browse textures with the rest of the REX community.
3. FOLLOW A FLIGHT PLAN - Allows creation of flight plans(with real-time, random or archived weather), interface with FlightAware real-world live flight plans, or save/browse community-shared flight plans.


All I want to to is run FSX with REX supplying real world weather. I dont want random weather, or choose a theme, or create a flight plan. Its not in the manual. How do I do this?


Also, according to the manual, "WHAT IS WXPLUS MODE? The WXPLUS mode of the REX weather engine can be compared to using a weather theme within FSX/P3D. The weather is handled more globally.". Does this mean that I must use Standard Mode to get real weather (and use WXPLUS only for themes)?


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Hi petfy,  first you should choose a set of textures to use and install them into FSX once you have done this you never have to do it again if you so choose but I would install a texture set.


To make this as hassle free as I can for you on the main REX page click the middle "I Like To Create"  button then at the bottom Click Browse scroll thru until you find #3649 - name - Alabeo, click on the number and it will load this set into your REX then hit the install button REX will now install this set into FSX and like I said you don't ever have to do this again if that is what you choose these textures will always be in FSX for you.


If you don't you will really be missing out on half of what REX is, an amazing HD texture and environment program.


Next to make it as easy as possible for you again pertaining to Real World Weather Just use the standard mode and set it at like every 15 or 20 minutes (To Update) also set the "Initial weather delay timer " To Two minutes in the REX config manager.


Next click the weather tab at the top choose real world weather click ok and then type in the ICAO code for the airport you will be departing from and click "Submit" once it pulls up that weather click " Fly Now" this will open the REX radar and FSX.


If you are on the Freeflight screen in FSX you can then load your flightplan or make your Flightplan then and there,  Of course you will choose the airport that you chose the weather for, your aircraft, and time of day.                                     DO NOT TOUCH THE WEATHER SECTION  Click "Fly Now" and enjoy your flight with REAL World Weather.


If you ever want a specific Real World Weather on the weather page bottom left you can click the 'Search Weather" and then choose from Fair, Foggy, Snowy, Rainy, Thunderstorm and REX will pull up every Airport in the world that is experiencing that exact weather Real World at that time,  just choose an airport and click Fly Now and then do the same thing as you do for the Real World Weather above.


I have just made a photo tutorial on this subject and posted it on our REX Facebook page here is the link = https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.544824792270405.1073741914.132749940144561&type=1


REX is a very complex and detailed Real World Weather Engine and was not design with the " Push one button and wala weather" approach

It was designed to let you the user be extremely specific and have the weather you see when you look out your window where ever you are in the world inside of FSX when you fly.


Hope this gives you a better understanding of the product you just purchased. 


REX is an amazing Tool and can do many cool things to heighten your FSX and flying experience as a whole and it does that better than any other.


Thank you for being a REX customer and welcome to the REX family.     


Happy Flying!   James

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