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How to Install REX

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I've been using FS9 for a while. (2-3 months) But I'd never bought REX before. Nowadays I'm also planning to get FSX and now I'm in a point to decide which version of REX I should get. FS9 or FSX. Probably I'll get 2 of them. Because I think I'll keep using my FS9.

I tried to read a lot about REX and its installation. I have some confusions. So before I buy neither versions, I wanted to ask you a few questions. I would appreciate if you help me.

First of all, I couldn't find easily a user manual about REX. I thought maybe in a user manual I could find whatever I needed.

I watched a few Youtube videos about how to set REX. What I understood from the videos, you need to install REX. Start it up. Set your FS9 or FSX path. Make a backup and save.

After that you click options and select what configuration to use.

Finally you click on Theme Creator and select the themes you want to use for each part. Then you click fly now. Am I missing something here? Because I read in a thread that there is something which takes about 30 minutes. Does REX replace texture files permanently? I'm trying to understand how it works.

My questions:

1. Am I going to have to start REX each time and then start FS9 from it?

2. Isn't there a way to just start FS9 or FSX with all the textures that REX apply, without starting REX ?

3. How many methods are there to use REX?

I really need a user manual I guess. Because I'm very new to flight simulation. And I don't know what it means when you say a weather engine.

Thanks for your help.


Kaan Aslan

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Hi, nice to see you're interested in our product!

To answer your questions:

1 No

2 Yes

3 Many

This was the short version! ;D

Let me explain what REX does and how it works. REX is a two headed monster; we're changing your sim experience with HD textures for many areas of the simulated world like sky, clouds, water, wave animations, lights and several items on stock FSX airports. These texture files do get installed in your simulator directories and replace the original files.

Beside these textures, we also provide you with a state of the art real time weather engine that will "inject" weather data into the sim based on the actual weather for the location you are flying or a weather theme that you selected! This is "one time only" data, that doesn't alter anything in your simulator files, it only boosts your weather experience.

As you will understand the impact on your simulator experience of these two parts of REX working together is mind blowing, highly varied weather with great looking skies, clouds and water! Check the screenshot forum to see what I mean!

As a bonus we also provide you with a flight planner that will calculate routes for you, import routes you created in other planners or in the simulator and link those routes to the real world weather or weather theme you selected.

To answer your questions again:

1 No, as explained the textures do get written into the simulator directories and can therefore be used without running REX. If you want to use the weather engine, you have to start REX alongside the simulator, otherwise it is not possible to inject the weather data, which is "one time only" data.

2 Yes, see question 1

3 I just lifted a little corner of the curtain, there's much more to explore!

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I'm glad to learn something new about REX. New questions come from new answers :)

1. How do I replace the REX Textures with FS textures?

2. You said that REX replaces textures for many areas but not all I think? I live in Turkey. I'm new to flight simulation. I'm trying to fly to airports in Turkey. But the default scenery for Istanbul for example is not very good. Not bad though. After I install REX, is it also going to change the textures of Turkey airports?

3. If I don't use weather engine, are the clouds will be shown as default FSX design? Or is REX also replacing the graphics of the clouds and sky permanently? Are they seen much better?

4. Let's say I wanted to use Real-Time weather engine of an area, let's say Turkey - Istanbul Airport, it will check the current time weather and it will inject it to the game right? And when I start the game, I should select that airport to start flying from I guess.

5. What happens when FS updates the real time weather information?

I'm sorry for these newbie questions :) I hope you don't get bored answering my questions.

You help is very much appreciated.

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Hi, let's answer the new questions too:

1 I assume you mean it the other way around: REX textures replacing fsx textures. You don't have to worry about how it's done, the REX user interface is very simple to use, the program takes care of it after you have made your selection which textures to install.

2 REX replaces standard fsx textures. The textures for runways, taxiways and aprons that are used on the standard FSX airports will be replaced with REX textures, not the special textures that are often used for add on airports. So if you use the standard Istanbul airport from fsx, the textures you see after installing REX textures are changed, but if you use an add on airport from another developer for Istanbul, you will see the textures that belong to that add on airport.

3 Clouds are textures and are therefore REX textures when you installed them into the sim. It doesn't matter if you use the weather engine, you will see REX clouds in the sim.

4 Yes you are right.

5 When you are using the REX weather engine, the fsx engine will be switched to "user defined weather". So the fsx engine is not working anymore.

Hope this helps.

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I understand. Thank you very much for your answers. I think I'll get the FS9 version first to see how it works.

I watched a tutorial in Youtube. The guy was trying to explain how it works but it is in Spanish. I didn't understand what he said but upon your explanations It's much clear. I wonder how the graphics will change in my FS9. I'll check it tonight after getting back home!

I only have two more questions. I saw it in the video. The guy was trying to explain something in weather menu.

I think the screen should be this one:,r:0,s:15,i:121

I think on this screen you select an airport from which you will retrieve the real-time data. But below there are 4 different buttons.

WX Textures

Wx Avoidance

Flight Plan

Fly Now

To make it work you select the airport and click Fly now? Or Is there anything to do with those WX Textures or WX Avoidance buttons to make it work?

The guy clicked on WX Textures button but I didn't understand what it was for. Wasn't it enough to just select Fly now? Because you said that the textures are replaced at theme creation menu easily. Is this WX Textures button something else?

Probably these were my last questions. Thank you very much for spending your time for me.


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Hi, the wx textures button is one of the many extras; it gives you the possibility to change the textures in accordance with the weather report, so you get the best representation in the sim. But that is all explained in the manual! Fly now will do indeed!

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Ok! So Fly Now is fly now is one time injection just for the weather.

WX textures is a permanent injection of the textures. I need to re install my theme to come back to my orijinal theme textures if I'm not wrong.

Thank you very much.

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