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REX Essential can be used in a client-server setup in a windows network. This will make it possible to use a client PC for REXE, while FSX is running on the server PC and thus keeping the REXE weather engine visible next to a full screen fsx setup. This topic will explain how to set up this configuration.

REXE uses simconnect to communicate with FSX. The major part of the set up is based on the proper set up of simconnect over the network. To make this work, you have to make sure that you have both PC's in a working windows network environment. Read the related information from Microsoft how to accomplish that if you don't have a windows network yet.

On the server you need a complete installation of FSX, at least with SP2 installed and properly working. This will guarantee that the needed version of simconnect is running on the server. REXE uses simconnect version 61242, which is installed automatically when FSX SP2 is installed on the server.

You do need to know the IP address of the server. You also have to make sure that this address is static, so the configuration files on the server and the client are using the right address, even after a system restart of the server. The best way to accomplish this is creating a reserved IP address in the DHCP server you are using (most commonly you are using the router as DHCP server). It depends on your setup how to do this, read the instructions of the used dhcp server! To see your IP address, open the network settings of your server and check the details of the network connection you are using. Here you can find the current IP address of the server. You need the IP4 address. Make a note for later reference.

Step by step guide

1. Install REXE on the client PC. This must be a complete install. Run the startup configuration. In the General Configuration, you must browse to the simulator folder location on the server via the windows network option in the dropdown box. REXE needs this location to properly configure.

2. In the Weather Engine Configuration uncheck the box for the "Enable auto-start the flight simulator" option

3. In the directory where you installed REXE on the client, you will find a file called "SImconnect.msi". Double click this file to install Simconnect on the client.

4. Open Notepad and copy paste this content:

<start of copy>



Address= *** This should be the IP address or name of the machine running FSX ***

Port=6600 *** Feel free to change this pick a number beween 1025-65535 ***



<end of copy>

5. save this file as "simconnect.cfg" in the documents folder of your user account.

6. on the server run the following:

Start->Run->%appdata% <enter> this will open the appdata folder.

Then navigate to the Microsoft/FSX folder

Create a new text document called simconnect.xml

Copy and paste the following text in

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" ?>

<SimBase.Document Type="SimConnect" version="1,0">








<Address>xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</Address> *** This is the IP address of your server ***

<Port>6600</Port> *** This port number must match the port specified earlier in your simconnect.cfg file ***






Save the modified text file as simconnect.xml

7. All is done now, open FSX on the server and REXE on the client. Wait for the initial weather download to finish and click the "Fly Now" button. The Radar screen should appear. Start a flight in FSX and check the weather injection in FSX (green bar on top of the screen) and the proper location of the Aircraft on the Radar display.

If you should have any problems with this set up, feel free to start a topic in this forum. We will try to get you going!

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