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I Could Need Some Help.. Uhh.. Klicks ...

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Hello there..

I could really need some help, and it's just 2 klicks away, if you re logged in to facebook ..

my girlfriend and I did recently a video, participating at the "Done in 60 seconds" Jameson Award ...

Part of the contest is a voting on Facebook, and everyone that has a facebook account can vote...

We did a remake of "Casablanca" ... done in 60 seconds ... I did even use a footage out of FSX ... for a split second.. so it's not complete off topic... :)

Log in to your facebook account, follow the link below, and vote for the "Casablanca" video ... please, I usually don't beg for klicks, but this time I'm simply forcing myself.. I wanna win this ..! :)

Thank you guys very much in advance .. !



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thank you very much Kees .. yeah I saw it, we're pretty weak compared to the other crap .. :)

no seriously, only the remake of "Buried" was pretty cool .. so I see only a little chance to win this, still thank you Kees, I'm still fighting, and I don't wanna go down with a whimper ... :)

Voted for Casablanca, ;).

yay Peter..!! thank you very much, we appreciate that a lot ..!!

Voted 2 :)

dolf, to you as well, thank you very much...!! :)

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I have voted for you Alex. Good luck!

Misha, you re a legend ...!! Thanks ..!

I got that problem to. To solve it, I just kept clicking video voting until that problem passed.



hey Clem..!! thank you very much ..!! :)

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Voted +1 Yours is so much better than the hangover and shining.

Thank you mate !! Yes agree, especially the hangover remake is pretty questionable, luckily there's still a jury voting, we won't win the facebook voting, I guess ...

Still, there's a last chance ... maybe some more of my REX friends do find the way to this posting, that would be a blast .. ... :unsure:

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