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what other add in software can I use with REX

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Now that I'm installing a fresh copy of FSX and REX I want to make sure I load stuff in the right order and only the programs I need.

I have the following and I'm not sure which I should and should not use.

Ultimate Terrain X  USA and Canada

FS Global X 2008

Traffic X

Ground environment X USA Canada Alaska

Which of thos should I use and what order should I install them?

Should REX be first, last or in the middle somewhere?

Thank you again


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I use all but FS Global X 2008. Order I installed is below.



FSX sp2

Ultimate Terrain for roads, rivers, etc.

utfaxusa 1.2.0b

utfsxcan 1.0.0

utalaska 1.0.0

Ultimate Terrain X USA- Version 1.4.0

Ultimate Terrain X Canada- Version 1.2.0

Ultimate Alaska X- Version 1.1.0

Railyard Fix http://www.simforums.com/Forums/topic33531.html

Ground Environment for textures

Ground Environment X North America Version 1.09


Real Enviroment Extream 2.0








Aircraft Payware

Tweaks to FSX.CFG

Hope it helps.

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