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Found 6 results

  1. Hello - I have had REX installed running FSX with no trouble using the live weather loading FSX through the fly now function. I have un- installed FSX and switched to P3D, activating it and re establishing the root folder to the C:P3Dmaster file I created. When I click the fly now function now the weather engine does not load and the REX program closes as it opens P3D which then runs but without the REX additions First of all is this the right forum and second has anyone seen this/ can advise? Many Thanks,
  2. Hi, I've mentioned this in email with support about a download issue I had (from a reseller), but thought it might be worth posting in the forum for reference. I seem to be missing wind & temperatures aloft for large areas (I had thought this was a global issue, but I've since found a handful of points where there is data). I'm running REX3 Essential+ Overdrive w/ SP3 and the hotfix (ver 3.8.2014.1211), in Windows 7 (x64), installed to R:\Flight\REX..., run as admin. I'm aiming the weather at P3D v3.3.5, but not yet getting that far. I've tried with various options set (changing one at a time, restarting REX after each): Standard & WX Plus engine modes, smoothing enabled & disabled, real weather, VATSIM weather, live, archive (though I've since read in FAQ that archive reports don't retain aloft data (would temps be extrapolated to preserve roughly correct pressures at altitude?)), and most recently, random theme weather; in all circumstances I see little or no wind & temperature data above surface height. I'm wondering if perhaps I've got a database issue causing patchy weather data, since I noticed that as I generate or load flight plans, the numerical ID shown for waypoints in the Flight Planner summary doesn't reset - I'm prepared to be corrected (given that this is 99.9% hunch), but that doesn't seem like expected behaviour? I would think that it's only really useful to show a numerical ID to the user if it's to indicate sequence in the current plan; if waypoints are indexed for reasons of cached resolution, I can't see much need for me as the user to see it, but logically it doesn't seem to work that way, as the index isn't unique (i.e. if I load/generate a plan with 20 waypoints, and EGCC is the first; then load/generate another with EGCC as the first, the second time it'll be ID 21 (rather than showing 1 again)). Possible clue or red herring? I'd be eternally grateful for any advice. Regards, Rob. Example 1: 'Basic' settings - Engine: Standard, Data: Real/Live, Vis/Wind Smoothing: Disabled, flight plan generated using REX interface (i.e. with its own waypoint data). Example 2: Settings as above, flight plan generated by Pro-ATC/X from AIRAC 1608 airway route. I've lots more screenshots, but I'll spare you dear reader, for now! One other interesting example, I thought, was when I set-up a random weather theme around EGCC (in Wx Plus mode, no smoothing). I tried with REX generated and 'external' AIRAC 1608 airway plans, and the only points with weather aloft data were the same as in the examples above (respectively). -EDIT- P.S: Thinking it might be down to local data issues, I even tried looking for data at KJFK, and have seen nothing there. At time of writing, aviation-weather.gov has: FT 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 24000 30000 34000 39000 JFK 2321 2719+15 2718+10 2823+06 2617-06 2520-18 292129 281238 221050
  3. Hi there. I purchased the steam version of Texture Direct the other day and went through the installation. After it was completed, I noticed a few issues - some small, some major (for me). The program did not find my steam directory using my system registry and I had quite a time figuring out where it was. I am using the directory of FSX, under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common. It seems to work, but I'm not positive. The other problem for me is trying to find out what should be used as my weather engine in the configuration setup. There is nothing in the manual to help me find what I am looking for, and the weather changes that I try under themes are not working. Help!! As well, but no big deal, the program has no 'picture icon' associated with it, just a blank icon. I hope you can help me. Thank you! Brad
  4. does REX 4 allow me to use another 3rd party weather software as weather engine, such as active sky. i'm aware that rex4 doesn't have all the airports METAR information that I need. and how can I do it. I tried to set 'active sky' as weather engine in the General Setting section, but it seems not working.
  5. This is probably a ridiculous question for some of you that are very conversant with REX textures and the weather engines. If I select an ICAO location i order to achieve real world weather conditions for the originating point of my flight, how does REX handle all the variables of weather conditions en route and at the destination airport? For example if my origin airport is clear skies and light winds and I encounter thunder storms en route and it is snowing at my destination, where does the weather engine draw the textures from if when we started the flight and loaded clear skies and light winds? Also, How does REX 4 handle the variable water textures along a route? If we load one type of water effect, will all bodies of water have that same effect regardless of whether they are a lake, river or ocean with different meteorlogical scenarios en route? Thanks for the clarification. Phil REX 4 Order Number: FSS0265268
  6. Thanks for the service pack. I can now see all the menu options. One question though. I have now ticked the Start weather engine "REX 3" in the config section and it loads - great but I am I doing it correctly? I install the theme I want from REX 4 TD first and then click on OK rather than "Cancel" which previously I had to do. Once that is done FSX and the weather engine loads up. The FSX .cfg still shows 4096 in the graphics section so it seems to be OK but am I missing something or doing things in the wrong order? Gerry
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