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Found 9 results

  1. This happens to me as well, just installed SP1 and have to reregister and reapply saved theme. To be honest I think I have another issue, I'm not sure the textures are applying correctly but I will post a separate topic about that.
  2. Hello, i seem to be hitting a problem (or maybe it isnt me?) . After hotfix update I seem to lose all my settings and have to reapply any saved themes. Also I seem to need to go through the registration screen again with serial number etc. Is all this really necessary? its a pain.
  3. Hi Reed, Tim etc I'm a long time customer (since REPro in FS2004 from 2006) and of course love the products. I currently have Essentials OD and REX 4 Texture Direct with SC, which I bought at SP2 (0814). I don't consider myself completely dumb when it comes to software (I'm in IT and have a Masters in it...), but your versioning system is a nightmare. I recently tried to upgrade to SP6 hotfix blah blah something and the patch trashed my installation. I ended up uninstalling the whole lot only to find out I had to start again at SP2 from 2014 - and at some point I bought soft clouds and then the integration... which I had of course forgotten as it was over 2 years ago. i work full time and do not have the time or energy to this v often, and undoubtedly I lost the plot somewhere esp when I bought soft clouds I think. It's taken me days to figure out how to reinstall some 8 or 9 packs (still not there yet) , although luckily you've just updated your site so at least its easier to find them now. But why don't you consolidate all the patches periodically into one single new version? This would make it much easier for us than having to go back 2 years through over half a dozen obscure patches, hotfixes and updates. Luckily in the meantime I am using Essentials OD. Yours v frustrated and still not back to the latest version yet... I'm really keen to get back to hotfix 6 whatever as I just installed P3D 3.2 Ray REX TD Order No: # FSS0285312 Soft Clouds#: IBKGWKACP
  4. Hi I recently bought the rex4 texture direct and install with no problems to this version 4.1.2014.0128 however when i click on updates it downloads and it seems like it installing but almost at the end of installation it starts to roll back and it says the installation ended prematurely... i have my win7 up to date...please help since i need to upgrade to sp4 to get the best out of rex4. ivan win7 64// fsx accel
  5. I have 4 Texture Direct,Soft Clouds and Weather Architect installed for FSX and Pepar3D V2.5 All working beautifully and up to date. However having a problem installing Update 4.3.2014.0812 into Texture Direct because it causes an unhandled exception involving Microsoft Net Current installed 4 Texture Direct Version is 4.2.2014.0520 Have uninstalled 4 Texture Direct and reinstalled to no avail. All is working very satisfactorily but I would like to access updates! Any thoughts? xxd09
  6. After installing P3D 2.4 I reinstalled all of Rex4 Texture Direct. On launch REX tells me to update to another version. I am on Version 4.1.2014.0122 and it wants to update me to Version 4.1.2014.0128. When launching the update file setup.exe I get the following error "This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package." This error has been mentioned before in this forum. But the 'resolved status' is always a mysterious email to REX and a 'confidential' tweak to overcome it. Why is this basic update error stopping me running the latest version of REX a secret process that has to be conducted by email? In fact I don't understand why REX doesn't just have a secure place for customers to download update patches, like other vendors provide. Like with the Soft Clouds integration fiasco (wait 10 days to get approved on a forum before you can get the consolidation installer!) I really waste too much time debugging REX's very odd ways to treating paying customers. Not holding my breath for an efficient response - am sure it will be the same email malarkey or no response at all. Please feel free to prove me wrong. In summary 1. I want to update REX as it says my version isn't up to date. 2. REX sends me to get a file setup.exe that doesn't work 3. Other people have this same issue but the solution is a secret privy only to email to email correspondence between REX and the customer.
  7. Hi I have REX environment etreme build 3.2.2013.0415 having problems finding updates and overdrive for my build regards stewart
  8. Hi, I'm running REX Essentials Plus Overdrive and was wondering about the updating feature. My weather consistently updates throughout my flight and overall I like how REX handles weather. However every time I come in to land, it updates at around 500 ft and then the entire screen changes with weather and winds. I was just landing in OKC and had a REX update and all of a sudden I gained 40 kts of airspeed! I also cant seem to get REX Wx Plus to work either, with the error message always popping up that the weather theme couldn't be loaded. I have it selected to Vatsim metars if that helps. Any advice? Thanks,
  9. Please help to clarify this matter: I originally started with the v0522 REX Essential Plus. I have then tried to follow the correct updates instructions and my current version up through SP1 is now showing as 3.2.2013.0415 under my "About REX" tab. However, in the updates page, I noticed that updating into Overdrive results in a final SP1 version of 3.6.2013.0415, which this forum states as the latest REX Essentials Plus with Overdrive. So, please explain how do I update from 3.2.2013.0415 (REX Essentials Plus with HD) to the new Overdrive version 3.6.2013.1415? Thanks so much!
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