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Found 12 results

  1. Hello I got a REX + overdrive version 2.5.2010.1027 I would like to update it to a working version. REX is working but WM is unable to get data. I'm sure it's not firewall issue. Can you please say me how to update to last version or to latest supporter for my version. Thanks.
  2. Hello,,,,,,,,, I cannot updateeeeeeee with to latest build 0325 from 0314 - when using the inbuild REX update Option it downloaded but at he end it stops always. I have no Problem with my Internet Connection, any other files dowmload completely from different sites. And when I reload ur download, site it is no longer displayed or i get a rpage relaod error. Weird, please help me out. Thank you very much. I use REX 4 Direct with integrated softclouds (but bought REX cd seperately). Kind regards, Tom
  3. I received an email to update RE with O .. I have version 3.8.2014.1126 I downloaded the latest I run the update but I never get a question about where to locate the update. I only get three coloured boxed. I hit modify the update fails No other options..... It says it can find the .msi ( btw my soft cloud updated perfectly to HFX 3 Any assistance would be appreciated running fsx fsx se p3d v2 and 3 w10x64 Peter
  4. Hi, Can someone please tell me what on earth I have to do to get some support from this company? I have provided my order number / receipt details using the appropriate thread on this problem and STILL my original question is being ignored. I am trying to get through to someone using create > new topic on this website but most categories are greyed out so I can't even ask my question in the right place. I have purchased a boxed version of REX 4 texture direct with soft clouds (The Flight Sim Store - #FSS0462437) which will not update itself. Every time I start the program it prompts me to update then when I try to run the .exe it fails, providing this message: "This installation package could not be opened. Verify the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package" PLEASE, CAN A MEMBER OF REX STAFF RESPOND? Thanks.
  5. Re Update Service Pack 6 - Hotfix 1 - (build: 4.8.2016.0314) Please remove the auto shader deletion and turn it into an OPTIONAL feature. It's beyond annoying to change a minor texture set, only to have the whole sim have to rebuild all shaders. Also, have it delete the contents of the shader folder, not the folder itself. How can YOU know that there aren't modified shaders already present in that temp folder, unrelated to your sky, cloud, water textures? Can you specify which sections actually REQUIRE a shader rebuild? Seems what you have done here is blunt force trauma on what should have been a scalpel operation.
  6. Good afternoon, after ugrading to P3D V3.2, I have no clouds, when I load a weather scheme for examle ( Thunderstorm) no clouds, only rain and llightning visible. Could help me somebody please? Thank you. Before 3.2. everything works fine though... Kind regards, Tom Weigandt
  7. Have REX 4 texture direct with softclouds v 4.4.2015 In app "CHECK FOR UPDATES" update FAILS - when I click on download says "This installation package could not be opened" When I try the patches on http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/forum/91-REX-4-texture-direct-service-packs-and-upgrades/ They moan about me not having the correct version. HELP!
  8. I updated REX Essentials w/ Overdirve 3.7.2013.0715 with SP3 and now have REX Essentials 3.4.2014.1211. All works well but Overdrive seems to have been left out. Is this what I should have.
  9. Hi, just downloaded and installed the SP3 update but I did obviously something wrong because after the installation and profile restore I still don't have the bought P3D v2 access anymore. I followed also the advise for reactivating it but this failed too. Can somebody please give me a hint how to reactivate this access? Sorry for making some inconvenience. Best regards Spirit
  10. From inside Texture Direct, 4.2.2014.0520 I am not able to update from within the Program Information screen. When I select "Check for Updates" I receive a red screen stating I need to update to 4.3.2014.0812. I select "OK" and it gives me a setup file to download. I save the file to my Desktop and when I try to run the file, all I get is the attached message. I tried the REX Auto Update and is simply states "Your version is up to date."
  11. Hello, Just finish downloading REX. In all there are 19 files,( correct me if I am wrong) 14.cab files. 1 read this first .txt file 1 rexautopudate_installer_20130715.exe 1 rexautoupdatemanual.pdf 1 rexessplusod_sp1_30230415.msi 1 setup.exe Here come the question. In the read this first .txt file, it say You will need to copy all of the files on all 3 disks to a folder on your computer. One thing you could do is go to My Computer then to your C drive and right click and choose New Folder. Call it REX (and delete it after you're done) and copy all of the files from disk 1 and disk2 and disk3 to your harddrive. Then install it using "rexessplusod_sp1_20130415.msi" by double clicking that file to start the installation If you don't read this, or if you don't copy all 3 disks to your computer, it just won't work. If you do, it will install perfectly! 1 .Does the above instruction applies to me, I do not have the disk yet, It should be on the way by mail. If it doesn't, then right click setup .exe , run as administer and most importantly install outside of program file to avoid window7 user account control nagging, not forgetting to turn off anti virus software,(trend micro) together with firewall as well. ( please correct me if I am wrong) 2. I opened rexautoupdatemanual.pdf. In there only 4 pages, don't have the install manual which is of upmost important now to read prior to install of this most talk about wonderful famous software .only me or have I misses out something. 3.Is this ,REX-105.zip by download ,the latest version, or do I need to update after the install. Thank you in advance for the advise . ricky1088
  12. Hello, I need some help regarding the best route to update from my current REX Essentials + OD 3.6.2013.0124 to the latest. The version that I am currently on is the Beta 2 update. With the release of the official update earlier this month, what path do I take to updating to this? Thanks, Karan
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