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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I Have REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT and after starting the software, a window appaers with the message below (see picture). It asks me to enter the beta code for the update. Where can I find this? Thanks,
  2. Hey guys, The greatest apologies if 'm currently posting this on the wrong section of the forums. I have had REX installed for a long time now and am just getting back in to using fsx as i scrolled passe it on my desktop. I am clueless on how i can update my REX to 2.0 so i can use overdrive aswell. I currently have version 1.0.2008.1126. This is also my first time using this forms, to an extent of what i can remember. As i said its been a while since i last used fsx. So basically, yeah i need to know where i can find the update v2 for REX v1 and would be an advantage if you could also tell me how to insall it. If i have to pay aditional funds in order to upgrade to v2/overdrive, then so be it, i just dont have a clue on where i can upgrade, Thaks for your time
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