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Found 5 results

  1. It's been a lot since I had to reinstall everything. Now the time has come and I found myself in need of some information before making a mess. 1. If I download now once again the products (texture direct, soft clouds) from Flight Sim Store, do I have to install all the service packs released since the first time I purchased the product? Or will the version be the last one, service packs included? 2. If I have to install all the service packs, considering that I have Texture Direct AND Soft clouds, what is the installation order of both the products? Do I have to install Texture Direct to the last SP, then Soft Clouds to the last SP, then the integration package to the last SP??? Thanks to all
  2. Hey, again this has happened... when I don't know how to get them back, REX has been working great up until today where I am now missing all low lying clouds. there are the high clouds but as soon as either the P3D engine puts in weather or when I use live weather from ASN, the scenery just gets slightly foggy and there are no clouds showing. WHY?!?!? It happened once before and I got them back but don't remember the solution. I have a lot of add ons but don't believe they are affecting it...
  3. Hello, I really like the Texture Direct I purchased thru steam, I would like to purchase Soft Clouds as well , Before I do , I want to be sure it will be compatible. Will it integrate with my REX Texture Direct or is it a stand alone program. Also is there is a walkthru of the steps should it be compatible can someone be so kind to forward the link. Thanks Much Randy
  4. Hello , i want to buy a new computer and sell this who i use now and i want to know if i can install the REX 4-Texture direct and soft clouds in my new computer without buy it again ( with the same serial number) ? thank your for your help leo
  5. Hi, I realize this is a problem with the vendor and not REX, but last night I purchased Soft Clouds through PC Aviator and was never provided with an email with download link or serial #. I've contacted them through email and even called a few times today, and nobody replied or picked up the phone. I never set up a customer account so I cannot view my order history on their site. I'm getting a bit nervous as I have purchased many products from this vendor and never had this problem before. Any help you can provide in finding out what is going on would be much appreciated. My order # is 391758. Thanks, Ryan
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