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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have REX essential with Overdrive textures, and it it great. But in the runway texture tab, it shows that there are individual touchdown marks (that would be in a payware scenery) over the fade of touchdowns on the runway. But I don't see these marks in P3D (I have V3.2), or in FSX, only the terrible fade, like the default runway. So are these marks actually meant to be there, or are they just added to the image to make it look nice? Thanks a lot
  2. Is there any way to switch off REX textures on selected airports? I noticed that most add-on runways keep their bespoke textures, but I just bought Tongass Fjords and with much fiddling got it working in P3D. But when I start up at PASI in the region, I notice REX is treating it like a default runway and replacing the bespoke texture. The scenery looks like this without REX textures (in FSX): But in P3D, where I have REX4 textures installed, it looks like this: I would like to find a way to remedy this, without disabling REX textures globally, preferably something that is repeatable at other airfields where the REX replacements don't fit in.
  3. Hello I have FSX on Windows 7 X64 with REX4. When I fly from or land at default FSX airports, and it's raining, I get the lovely soaked wet runway texture loaded from REX. However, when I fly from any third party addon, such as UK2000 scenery, the wet runway textures do not appear. When it is raining, the entire airport ground is dry. Any ideas? FSX is installed on a separate hard drive, outside of the Program files folder. Thanks in advance. Matthew
  4. Hi Community, I have got an issue with my runway textures while starting a new flight. It takes a few minutes until the REX textures pop-up and replace the stock textures. (Just the runway! Taxi, water, weather etc. is fine) It becomes really annoying if I start directly from the runway because sometimes I already took off before they appear. I'm running REX as admin and got the 3.7.2013.0715 build. Sorry if there's already a solution for this, i couldn't find it. Thanks
  5. Hello, I only fly the md-11 from pmdg and noticed the landing lights disappeared with REX (they are much too far), unless we use the Baron Beechcraft landing lights theme. I'd like to try some other landing lights, why is it the only one working and what do I have to do to see the others? I let REX change all my textures before a flight because it's much more realistic so the landing lights are changing too. If they simply don't work with that aircraft, is it a way to let REX change every textures before a flight and keep the Baron Beechcraft lights? The other topic with this subject is locked... Thks!
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