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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have just made a fresh installation of Prepare3D v4 on win 7. Then I have installed REX4, Soft Clouds and Softclouds enhanced. No issues during the installation. Starting the application I noticed that the splash screen does not show the SoftCloud logo on the top (see attachment). I am assuming something is wrong as soft cloud seems to be not recognized by REX4. Could you please help in solving the issue? Thanks Massimo spash_screen.docx
  2. Hello, I installed REX Essentials + OD after receiving a response from a previous post where I asked if textures were the same between the two and if I can only install textures from Essentials. All I keep getting is missing themes unable to load check the file exists. I already looked at the thread that suggests to run the database restorer in the essentials folder which I did. No good. Still get that error. I then tried to get the latest update but service pack 1 is not on this website. My version is off the DVD so it is the 3.2012 version. I see SP2 is a universal one so this is downloading right now, I got these from ) http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/forum/82-REX-essential-plus-overdrive-fsxfsxsep3d-service-packs-and-updates/ So this is what I did (not put in SP2 yet) 1. REX 4 / Soft Clouds was installed already and running well 2. When I installed Red Essentials (boy did it take a loooooong time almost 1 hour) I unticked ALL the textures because I did not want Essentials to use any textures. I wanted all my textures/effects/clouds etc to come from REX 4 3. I got the realworld data for my airport of choice (EGPE) 4. I ensured the autostart REX and alsoto update every 15 min was selected in REX Essentials 5. I clicked fly now 6. FSX started up 7. REX started up 8. REX had EGPE shown on the map (which is my FSX default) 9. FSX had the error "unable to load theme, please check the file exists and start again" 10. errrrr what ? What theme ? What is it talking about ?? 11. Read to see what this problem means, found a thread that says to run the DB repair in the esentials folder 12. Ran the repair 13. tried everything again no good. Same error "unable to load theme, please check the file exists and start again" It dawned on me HOW the is REX Essentials supposed to know REX 4 is there and running the themes ???? There is no REX 4 button integration anywhere I can see. Plus I can't do the updates (see above) as SP 1 is not there for download and SP2 does not work on myversion as it is too old (I bought it 6 days ago though). 14. Ok I thought maybe I should start things from REX 4 maybe. Convoluted sure but worth a try. 15. Loaded REX 4 and ticked the weather engine button and pointed to the REX exe file in the essentials folder 16. Now how do I get things started here....well I if I search for the airport it generates data but I need it to start the weather engine.....so best bet is just LOAD the theme I have in there as I want to use REX 4 textures anyway 17. REX 4 reports themes are loaded and REX 4 shuts down 18. REX essentials fires up and so does FSX 19. I go to the weather set up in REX essentials and select EGPE then fly now 20. FSX is up with EGPE as default as it always is 21. REX is loaded with EGPE shown on the map and........................... 22. POW.... FSX says "unable to load theme, please check the file is there" etc Please please please can I have some help here. Issue 1: How am I supposed to start REX Essentials if I ONLY want textures from REX 4. Do I have to fire everything up from REX 4 and do steps 14 onwards again ? Or is there a way of telling REX Essentials that REX 4 is there because there is no option there I can see to do this. Issue 2: How do I fix this unable to load textures error ? HELP........... SP2 is a big file, it's going to take a long time to download it, over 5 hours. I shall report back how I go with that. Thank you in advance....
  3. Hello everyone. First of all I went through the FAQ here First some background 1. I am very new to REX, less than a week old. I bought REX 4 with Softclouds and I installed this and have this running 2. I also bought REX Essentials + Overdrive as it was on sale and I could not find if the textures from 4 also have the ones from 3. My questions 1. Because I am going to install REX Essentials second (as REX 4 with SC is already installed) can I install it WITHOUT any textures ? I did read though you can go to texture settings on each and disable so if I untick all of REX Essentials textures, then it will never interfere with REX 4. Just wondering though if I can just install REX 3 Essentials without any textures at all. (to save hard drive space) 2. Does REX 4 already have all the REX 3 essentials/OD textures ? I know REX 4 has new ones of course but does it have all the REX 3 Essentials/OD ones ? Is this the case or does REX 3 essentials still have textures REX 4 Texture/SC does not have ? If REX 4 has everything 3 had, then installing the textures would be profligate. 3. If I am using the REX Essentials weather engine won't it lead to an odd situation where I have set textures in REX 4 that will not match weather situation detected by REX Essentials ? How will this work ? Or will the weather engine somehow know REX 4 is there and so use whatever sets I have installed ? 4. Besides the weather engine, is there a benefit of installing REX 3 Essentials ? It seems to have control over weather options like clouds etc that REX 4 does not have. Thank you wonderful support people and community
  4. Hello, I purchased REX 4 TD and Soft Clouds separately at PC Aviator webstore (#PO already sent for verification) . As far as I learned, there is a way to integrate both. Can you please advise? Thanks in advance Dirac
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