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Found 2 results

  1. Hi folks, I want to install REX 4, Texture Direct, and Soft Clouds on 2 separate PCs in my home and I think I have enough various licenses to cover it but want to make sure. I have P3D V3 on one PC (my big bird / sim) and nothing is installed yet on the second PC but own FS2004, FSX, FSXse, P3D v2, v3, and XPlane. My main PC is inside a sim cockpit, the other is is an older computer slated for a basic single monitor desk sim that I'm going to outfit for virtual cockpits and fighter jets. My dilemma is that I feel that I practically own stock in REX already lol having bought most everything over the past 6 years or so for FS2004, X-Plane, FSX, FSX Steam, and Prepar3D all of which I've listed below. I just want to use P3D v3 on both simulators but had also recently bought REX on discount as part of a FSX steam package. I have not installed FSX steam yet though, which I was planning for my desktop but am now just considering purchase of another P3D license or use my older V2.4 license as I really don't think I want to deal with FSX in any manner anymore. I was never very happy with it, especially for multi-monitor use and even though I had bought FSXse on a deep discount while heavily sedated I just don't forsee using it ans wish I'd never spent the money. I've had a bad habit of throwing money at problems like this as I'm sure many have with things changing from FSX to FSXse to P3D and I'm just not into it anymore as I've already done enough to regularly give back to the sim community and many developers. I probably own at least two to four aircraft from every major dev as well have shelled out a lot to REX in particular. So I guess what I'm saying is, if I bought one previous copy of Rex4-Texture Direct and Soft Clouds can I also use that on both sims with P3D v3.3, Or... do I have to go give blood and order it all over again for my second P3D install? Or... can I just use my FSXse license for my desktop P3D install as I read somewhere that it can see and be used simultaneously by FSX, FSXse, and P3D. I own the following titles below of which all were purchased from TheFlightSimStore, and then I also bought the FSXse REX 4 bundle which was purchased on sale over last Christmas through Steam but have yet to install most of these. So,.. please tell me I don't have to shell out any more money for all this. REX for FS2004 REX 4 Soft Clouds for FS2004 REX for XPlane ..have never installed. REX 2.0 for FSX ... have never installed. REX Essential Plus for FSX ... have never installed. REX 4 Texture Direct (originally purchased for P3D v2.4 ..and never installed) REX 4 Soft Clouds (originally purchased for P3D v2.4..and never installed) and the newest "cru-de-gras" ... REX Weather Architect..also yet to install. Hopefully you see a theme here lol. While I love REX, despite not having used it for the past 5 years, the product line over time has become somewhat confusing to me as to what exactly does what and what is best to get for a core package and I've seen other people convey the same as well. I had a customer buy some stuff this week on my recommendation and he also wound up buying the REX Essentials + Overdrive pack, but as I now understand it, that is outdated and non-essential if you use now Rex4-TD/SC and are only going to use P3D? Is that correct? Needless to say he is miffed about it as it kind of voided out the whole purpose of the discounts and I simply didn't research it much myself prior to his purchase to help guide him better. In light of that I still bought the Weather Architect but after review of my own FlightSimStore account today I saw that it would not be prudent to get anything else considering all my past REX purchases to date and my continued confusion of what exactly I am buying with each purchase, for what sim, for what cross-compatibility, cross-licensing allowances, etc, etc. And a search of the forum prior to this post yielded nothing substantial on this topic of multiple installs or cross licensing on 2 computers (which I think is really worthy and should be allowable..maybe for even two PC's and a laptop). Again.. at this point I think I just really want to install Rex4 Texture Direct and Soft Clouds on two main PC's, both of which are in my own in my home. (that is unless the other products have things I should really take advantage of) So,.. can you please direct me as to what I need to do. I have all the versions listed but they are all separate installers of course (and likely all old) so do I also need newer installers (as I'd greatly prefer a single click that installs all three (R4-TD-and-SC). And lastly, is the REX 4 Texture Direct just textures or is it also a weather engine that can provide real world weather conditions if selected? Using real world conditions is what I was always most familiar with and is greatly preferred as I'm pretty old school in that respect having invested most of my sim days into FS2004. I never really got into tailoring my own weather but I did think the Weather Architect product looked really cool so I bought it this week on sale. I hope I'm not coming off too dumb or cross here but it seems that REX has changed the basic product name with each new product revision and I think this confuses a lot of people, myself included. I mean REX 4 Texture Direct just sounds like some sort of add-on for REX 4, not something that actually includes "REX 4" because it doesn't say for example REX 4 "WITH" Texture Direct. And it took me at least 20 minutes to figure out that Weather Architect is not really a comprehensive weather engine per say, but is really just a custom weather designer tool and so I'm also confused as to how or why its any different from REX 4. It just kind of seems like these are creative ways of trying to sell the same thing but in different wrappers. Just my objective opinion. And I'm sorry for being picky but I really wish the product line was laid out a little better in layman's terms with maybe a nice visual graph for example that illustrates all the core differences and similarities. I know many people probably feel the same way and something like that could really help. Just my 2 cents for the 2 cents it's worth. I still really love this stuff though as I think what REX has done over the years is amazing which is why I've routinely supported it, even if I don't use all of it. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello , i want to buy a new computer and sell this who i use now and i want to know if i can install the REX 4-Texture direct and soft clouds in my new computer without buy it again ( with the same serial number) ? thank your for your help leo
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