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Found 1 result

  1. After reinstalling fsx to my hard drive and reinstalling REX to exactly how your video explains,, the clouds are literally square, and there's tons of a red color all over the ground. I'm opening REX from the admin, I installed the update which is currently 7015 I believe, and Im opening fsx through REX. everything looks as it does on your video (as far as settings). I'm not sure why fsx isn't taking it. I also get 2 error messages when I go to open fsx through REX, but in the details, it says 0x8007007E Error, and there's another error saying something about JIT. I looked up the error and found that it may be related to directx. I currently have directx11 and it says it's running fine. Not sure what's going on. I'm really excited to have REX, for I'm a huge fsx fan, but still after almost 2 weeks, I still haven't been able to enjoy it. Please help. I've allowed REX permission through the firewall. I originally used the site to download the files using WinRAR, I also have a hard disc copy as well. Neither of them worked. I just downloaded the files from my original download link from where I purchased REX using the downloader you suggested in numerous posts. (Flashget), but I haven't tried to install that one yet. Do I need to unzip the CAB files in the folder they're downloaded in or not at all?? I installed fsx to my C drive. I also installed REX in its own folder on the C drive. I'm running Windows 8. I also just built this PC 3 weeks ago. I have an i5 Quad core processor with an Intel MSI motherboard, an ASUS 7870 DDR5 Graphics card, 8 GB of RAM (Corsair Vengeance), 1TB HD. FSX and REX are literally the only things I have on my hard drive. Still have over 850GB of free space. Please help me.
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