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Found 19 results

  1. I'm just trying to get a couple of things clear in my head. I had REX Environment+ etc on my FS9 cockpit and was quite happy for years. I have just set up a new PC with P3DV4 and now just added REX TD (Which is running very well by the way) I just don't understand how the REX weather conditions (after selecting the current conditions for an airfield) are injected into the Sim or if they are? The textures certainly are. When REX has done the texture generation, shut down and opened P3D, the weather panel quadrant in P3D opening screen shows the saved scenario weather. How do I get the current weather that REX generated? Thanks in advance. Aussie
  2. I use P3D with REX for weather. What I have noticed lately, is that even though I get notifyed that REX weather is loading the weather is incorrect. When I go to the weather dialog pull-down it shows "User Defined Weather". Then picked "Weather Themes" pulldown & then REX Weather pick & click OK. Go back out to the sim, & then back to the weather pulldown & weather has lost focus for REX & reverts back to "user defined weather". How to make it stay focused to Weather Themes/ REX weather.
  3. Hello people, I am having a problem: when I do a flight in which I cross the atlantic, what happens to me is basically that REX Essentials w/ OD injects the weather, and after a few minutes all the clouds disappear, while REX actually does inject the weather. Also, I get a flickering sky everytime REX reinjects the weather. I'll add my settings for reference.
  4. Hi, I'm suffering from server problems, and I already tried many possiblities to solve this problem, but without any success. It seems REX cannot download anything from the weather server or from community. I receive below message, could you please help me out with this? Many thanks in advance,
  5. I noticed in the setup instructions for Architect it says to not use weather themes or user defined weather in the FSX configuration. Can you explain more about the effect on Architect of this setting in FSX? It had been my understanding that this had to be set to User Defined Weather to use the weather engine in Essential Plus OD.
  6. Hi folks! Everyone has used the "weather texture" option in REX 4 or Essential. The option, after downloading weather data from server, allows REX to select the "textures which best represent those weather conditions". Now the thing is amazing... if... it doesn't change (randomly?) all the other textures you patiently found were the best to fit to your skies, airport runways, taxiways, light effects, etc. Here is the question: is there a way to use the "WX texture" features allowing REX to change ONLY the cloud texture and sky colours?
  7. Hi, I have a problem with my weather engine. It will load the weather and the radar correctly in the beginning. Once I enter the sim and go to an airport the weather is a consistent ceiling of 3000ft and broken clouds. I can even place myself at a location with rain and thunderstorms actually occurring, and visible on the radar, and it will load " ceiling 3000, broken". I can switch to the Microsoft weather engine and load the current weather and it will change to rain in that area until REX auto reloads itself and then back to 3000 and broken. I have the latest version of REX. I need to change signature.
  8. Hey i recently brought the REX Essential Plus w/ Overdrive and i love the heck out of the features, but i am having a problem. Every-time the weather injects new updated data to my FSX-SE it seems to lag for like 10 seconds and it sends my aircraft into crazy turns. I do not have a high end PC or anything and don't get good Frames. My question is that is this normal for the sim to lag when weather is injected? Is there any other way to avoid this lag if so, how? Thanks for reading!
  9. Recently, my own weather has stopped working. I leave the simulation running sometimes because I have school and actual flight training. I left the sim on with the REX weather running in the middle of the night. I woke up to it still raining but it was not reported rain in my area. I tried to reload the weather to which it worked for a second then stopped updating the weather every 6 minutes like I have set. It has not been working since. I know this because the weather is still the same with an Altimeter setting 29.80. I will go to the main menu (via backing out and starting up the REX Ess+OvrDrv again) and as an experiment to see if the weather was just not working from the internet, I type in my schools airport ID and clicked the update on the weather. While the simulation is saying that the Altimeter setting is 29.80 and that the winds haven't changed at all, the updated version (via the main menu in the weather tab of the menu) is saying that the Altimeter is 29.50 or something else as it has updated there but not in the sim. If you need a screenshot of these issues side by side, I can do that. I only posted in the same block as Cuevision because sounded like a similar problem. Also, the REX Radar that pops up as the Simulation actually is starting does not show up anymore. And the textures continuously are having to be reinstalled into the sim each and every time that I try to simply fly the sim. I, in fact, have to separately start the simulation outside of the REX Engine. What is the problem, you think, and how can we solve it. I am not sure that screen shots will help but I can if you need it. One more thing, not sure if this is a problem, but it seems like when I start REX it is not downloading weather fully from the internet. It stops about a quarter of the way and then says its done. Hopefully this is helpful. Thanks again Roxie
  10. Hi, I'm having a problem when trying to inject weather into FSX, or just loading the "REX" weather theme. I get the error: "The weather theme could not be found." I have tried everything in all of the other forums about this issue I have read. 1) Nothing is in the program files. 2) UAC is set to never notify 3) Everything runs as admin. ------------------------------------------ ~GENERAL~ 1) 3.7.2013.0715 2) WX Plus 3) Upgraded from previous with Auto Update 4) Yes 5) Yes 6) Yes ~WINDOWS SETUP~ 1) Windows 8.1 2) 4 GB 3) Intel Graphics 4000 and 512mb I believe. 4) No overclock 5) 455 GB 6) Yes (Ethernet) 7) Acceleration Yes 9) Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 10) Yes, with REX and FSX exceptions 11) FSUIPC installed 12) C:\Software\REX Essential Plus OverDrive [Not program files] 13) C:\Software\Microsoft Flight Simulator X [Not program files] Thanks in advance for your help. -Blake
  11. Hi. Every time I open REX, under the window, it says "Weather Download Process" (Converting Winds etc...) I cannot do anything before it finishes. Every time I have to wait it to finish. How can I disable it? It takes too long. And I have a slow internet connection Thanks.
  12. I am using REX Weather Plus Overdrive only for real-time weather and I am using Rex4 for the textures in Prepar3d. Everything appears to load with no issues, but when the weather loads, there are clouds when the Metar data shows CLR. I loaded up OPUS and Active Sky and both are showing zero clouds. I also went outside and verified, there are no clouds. I turned of all textures in REX Plus Overdrive I turned of all fog in REX Plus Overdrive Download VATSIM is off I am not using WX Plus. I would rather use REX then OPUS or Active Sky, but it seems that REX is not reading the METAR data correctly. Am I missing something??? :-(
  13. Hello, I'm a bit confused to say the least. According to the manual provided by REX, It indicates that the "Rate that weather changes" in the FSX weather setting should be set to "No Change". I have done this. However, After REX has been loaded into FSX, I have notice the "Rate that weather changes" has been reset to "Very High". No other changes have occured, only the one indicated. Any thoughts on the subject? Any help would be appreciated and accept my thanks for allowing me to post on the matter. These are my specs; 1 .64 bit Window 7 Home premium. 2 .8 GB RAM 3. Nvidia GTX 670 (FTW) 2GB GDDR-5 4. Overclocked-Yes...GTX 670 (FTW) is factory overclocked. I have not made any changes to factory specs. 5. 2 TB Hard Drive 6. Network-NO 7. FSX Gold Edition (Service Pack 2) 8. Internet-Active 9. Antivirius-Microsoft Essentials 10. Firewall running-Yes 11. FSUIPC-Yes 12. No REX error logs 13. UAC-OFF 14. REX installed-"C" Drive....NOT in program files or program filesx86 15. FSX installed-"C" Drive....NOT in program files or program filesx86 16. REX.Right click and run as Admin each time-Yes 17. Rate that weather changes in FSX set to "No Change" However, when REX loads it resets to "Very High"?? 18. No flight plan used in REX. 19. Changes to CONFIG screen-Yes.... No Vatsim...NO launch FSX.
  14. Hello, Since I used the Autoupdater, every time I start REX it won't download any weather, even if click the refresh button. If I go to see the weather for any Airport, the information appears blank, and if I import a flight plan all the waypoints appears without information. I didn't tried a reinstall cause I will have to apply the autoupdater again, and I don't know if that will be the solution. Thanks!!
  15. Hello, I have a problem with my weather engine. When i click Load weather it does nothing expect of the green screen with the scanner flashes. Thanks in advance. Robin
  16. I mean the weather not the themes cause that's what I didn't like about opus. I think active sky does this... maybe not.
  17. Hi, i'm getting an error when FSX is loading saying weather theme could not be loaded blablabla, also the textures don't seem to load when I try installing them. Im using REX essentials plus. Specs: i5 3570k @ 4.4Ghz G-skill sniper series 4gb 2 ram sticks. 8gb in total. Radeon HD 7850 overclocked a tad Asus p8z77 pro 3 mobo 650watt psu 250gb hard drive REX Version: .1028 I'm assuming i need sp1 but i cant find it. Honestly i dont think it will help so please dont make this your first recommendation. I read the manual and had rex2.0 installed fine on my old system. Keep in mind i am having similar errors with opus sim connect and fsinn resorting in me using squawkbox for vatsim. I'm using kaspersky anti virus with firewall turned off and running almost everything as admin. I tried re-installing it with stock clocks and receiving same error. Please help its bugging me like crazy. Also, how do i make a signature.? oh yea its also installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X so thats right and all my settings are correct. my addons are: pmdg 737ngx cs 777 gex utx gsx my traffic 2013 and REX No weather or textures show up by the way. well actually i think weather works fine.
  18. Hello, I like flying in real-weather conditions but I prefer flying thru thunderstorms with lot of turbulences and so, I want to use the random scenario option. I'd prefer to have storms in approach so I always select my arrival airport as the center of the storm on the weather map. But here is the problem, the storm is not present in FSX! Do I have to use WXPlus Weather engine or the Standard one? Do I have to select my departing or arrival airport in REXE? REX is injecting fair weather continuously "like in real-weather mode" all the way to destination and I have no problems with storms in Real-Weather Conditions mode. I want to use Random scenario to fly where my add-ons are, not searching for any storm in real time. So my question is: What do I have to do to get a thunderstorm at destination? Hope I was clear, I searched but I don't think this issue as been reported. Thks!
  19. Hey guys, i'm flying over atlantic ocean and i've just discovered that REX essential doesnt give weather. i suppose i've made something wrong. Thanks for your help. in fact, i didn't notice it before beceause flightsim commander was taking REX's weather updating.job when i closed flightsim, winds became 000/0kts. Thanks
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