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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, For few days, REX Essential weather engine do not load the weather and the aircraft position. I open REX Essential, wait for complete weather download and select Weather menu. I select an airport ICAO name to view weather at departure location. I select Fly and REX weather engine opens. I launch Shade with FSX, select my aircraft and departure airport to begin my flight. REX weather engine still stays with green loading HMI... I tried two times to uninstall REX Essential, cleaned PC with CCleaner, then re-install REX Essential by changing location and name on HDD but with no positive result. I have never had this problem with REX 2 on the same PC. Could you help me to identify a possible fix? PC on W7 64 bits FSX with UT2, Accu Feel V2 and GSX Thanks, Regards, Junior_2VA
  2. Hi Upgraded TO: REX ESSENTIAL PLUS OVERDRIVE BUILD 3.6.2013.0415 However once I'm flying if I am up high e.g fl330 I had a temp of +55c? Any ideas Thanks
  3. SimMarket Order #980037 System: I7-3770K / 3.5ghz 16gb RAM . Western Digital HD Caviar 1 TB (800GB free) Windows 7 Home Premium MSI Twin Frozr Radeon HD 7950 with 2GB Game: FSX Gold with Acceleration Add ons: PMDG 737-NGX PMDG 747-400 Captain Sim C-130 Experience RealAir Turbine Duke AISmooth RadarContact 4.3 FSUIPC 4.853 REX is in my C: drive and FSX is in (x386) folder REX option settings: DXT5 enabled Water effects disabled PROBLEM: The sim operates beautifully, without any abnormality, for several hours (PHNL - KSFO) and then suddenly freezes. Multiple times inflight (good weather, scattered clouds) and once on landing rollout after a nice 2 hour flight. Sound continues, REX continues, but FSX is frozen solid. I check with Task Mgr and it shows FSX not responding. This happens with all the aircraft above, with or without RadarContact / AISmooth. Possible clues, but over my head. (1) My computer is set to "best performance" when the problem happens. I set it to "Let Windows Choose" and the sim works, but it cuts the 32 bit colors. (2) I might have botched the install. I noticed my C drive has been renamed "REX Essential Plus Overdrive C:" It resists simple renaming. Otherwise, it is magnificent, so I really want to start to complete some flights and I want full operation of REX. Any thoughts appreciated. Jim
  4. Hi, I have tried to search the existing topics - but cannot find one that addresses the problem I have . . . (I am running FSX + REX 2 with essential +) During flight, when the REX Wx engine updates the real-time weather and injects into FSX, the process is extremely unrealistic. i.e. when the process begins, the weather temporarily clears up completely (while REX seem to be injecting weather) with suddenly no winds and clear blue skies . . . and then, once the weather injection process is finished some 20 to 30 seconds later (as reported on the top left of the screen), the weather suddenly re-appears, together with all the clouds, altitude barometer pressure changes, and all the winds aloft. This causes erratic and very unrealistic transitions in weather every time new weather is loaded and injected. Surely this is not correct and the transition can be much smoother and realistic? Please help ! Many thanks in advance,
  5. Newbie. Have been searching forum and I know I'm not first to have such challange. Could I ask that you go over signature and advise re anything you see could be problem. Tkx, LEE
  6. Since I purchased the USB version of REX Essential Plus OD, what steps of 1 thru 6 would still be applicable on page 2 of the SP1-beta-read-me? thanks, brandon
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