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Found 11 results

  1. Hi forum, I bought today WX Advantage to use it with my PMDG MD11. I'd like to suggest those items for a future update: - network installation for using it on a second pc (to avoid frame drops and have a better and costant visibility) - AIRAC implementation to load the same aircraft route on the gauge What users and dev think? Regards, Ric
  2. Hello, I am trying to understand if there is a way to manually set the clouds altitudes (minimum altitude, or ceiling) within a cell. I know I can set surface winds and visibility within a cell, but I am not sure I can set specific clouds altitudes in Weather Architect. In other words, if I select a Light Storm cell, do I have any control on the minimum altitude where I will see clouds, for example using the Weather Element Tool? I imagine this is in part taken care of with "surface visibility", but it is not exactly the same. Please understand I come from Active Sky Next, where this is routine (while impossible to build complex and detailed scenarios like with Architect). Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi, I must say I'm enjoying Weather Architect with REX 4 Texture Direct/Soft Clouds a great deal. I just has one question and a possible suggestion. Firstly, I notice fog patches/low clouds often disappear just as I approach them - is this something to do with my settings or a general FSX issue? Secondly, a suggestion I would like to make is the ability to disable rain associated with thunderstorms. I think your lighting and sound effects are lovely but the default FSX rain really sucks - especially when on the ground as the aircraft is surrounded by a dome where there is no rain for some reason. It would be great to enjoy the dramatic thunderstorms afforded by REX WA/RTD4 without FSX rain. No sure how difficult this would be for you to implement the ability to disable rain from the weather cell settings? Ability to undo or erase cells in WA would be great (kind of expected this to be there so was a little surprised to find there was no undo option) - I know this has been suggested by others as has the ability to set cloud altitude - although WA does a pretty good job of getting this right on its own. Anyway - please keep up the good work as I enjoy your products a great deal. Cheers.
  4. would be helpful to distibute sha1 and md5 hashes to know we have a clean file(s). also direct download link from the REX store instead of a manager. (for some reason my linux can download files perfectly, but my windows system not always.) another note: if your doing the auto download via a manager how about giving it the ability to know what files are already present and/or checking their integrity then deciding what to download? its a pain having to download a dozen times and wait a half an hour. (when things go wrong).
  5. Can you please make a selection for just ground level fog and a height setting for the top of it, and also a setting for the heighth in a fog bank? Thank you. I realize that WA is a starting point, and it is ground-breaking and I love it. Thank you for a wonderful product.
  6. Could you please call your update files something other than setup.exe. Do you know how many of those files we have on our pc. Could you please call them rexsetup(ver).exe at least we will know what it is for. Thanks
  7. As the title says, great visuals, but to keep the same performance I'm used to, I have to virtually half my settings. It can look stunning, but I'm very disappointed in the massive frame rate dip. If that amount of detail kills performance so much, REX need to reduce that amount. Weather Architect seems a bit clunky, sometimes the weather doesn't inject and do I really have to make a scenario every time I want to fly from a different airport? Surely not.
  8. Hi, Just bought WA. Is there any way to adjust cloud and visibility layers like the fsx default weather options allow? The WA pre-defined weather cells appear to bring my system down to a crawling slideshow in any form of heavy weather. I'm fairly certain this is on account of the multiple layers that WA uses to construct its weather patterns. I can fly through fsx default heavy thunderstorm settings locked at 30fps but with visibly similar weather constructed through WA I often sink into the single digits making this product unusable for me,as it presently stands. I've attempted many options to increase performance including using/not using REX textures and soft clouds,various high/low definition settings and it doesn't seem to help. What might help is eliminating one or more cloud/visibility layers that are predefined in the weather cells, and/or ability to set their heights. Without this functionality it would seem to me that apart from the ability to generate weather in non-weather station locations, WA actually offers less functionality than the default fsx weather options. I'm running an i7-920 oc'd to a stable 3.6, HD7870 AMD, 12gig of ram. Have no trouble 99% of the time flying with locked 30fps in all forms of default fsx weather, inclulding ORBX regions with semi-complex aircraft. It would be of immense value to this product to include user adjustable parameters as I've described. Something else for the suggestion box might include the ability to choose type of REX clouds that WA uses. In its present form WA appears to choose many parameters for you without any user control, in contrast to what fsx default weather allows.
  9. I’d like to use REX 4 Weather Architect to generate weather for Antarctica X scenery from Aerosoft. But I’m not sure if Weather Architect is able to model specific, antarctic conditions. Especially I’m affraid about temperature, because as far as I’ve seen, it cannot be set manually. And I’d expect temperatures about -30°C down there, even during antarctic summer.
  10. I really like the community shared themes but there is a big problem with they way it is implemented in REX4. You cannot tell how many times it has been downloaded and you can't tell how many people rated it as a 5 star for example. At a minimum you should be able to show the number of people rating the theme and sort from highest to lowest in terms of rating numbers. This would be much more useful than randomly going though thousands of themes trying to figure out which ones are really good. Just my 2 cents.
  11. In a future update for REX4-TD, would it be possible to implement a feature that'll allow users to install textures to FSX/P3D from a generated weather theme without having to save it first? Thanks!
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