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Found 5 results

  1. I just purchased and downloaded REX Essential Plus Overdrive and I cannot get it to install on my machine. I purchased it directly from the REX Store and then used the REX downloader to get the program files. After completing download, it automatically brought me to the install wizard. I told it to install directly to C:/. Then, I entered my email address and serial number on the next page. Each time, when I click "Next," I get an error message stating the setup wizard ended prematurely. I looked through Microsoft Support Forums for an answer, but found nothing that worked. I've checked that Windows Installer is running and active, re-registered windows Installer, started in Safe Mode, checked for error logs (and found none for REX), etc. See the following page for everything I tried: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/fatal-error-installation-ended-prematurely-because/cd963697-9d84-43d2-aa61-a2a97e51d6a0?auth=1 I've also re-downloaded everything through the REX downloader three times, and still i keep getting the same error message. I've attached screenshots of what is in the file after downloader finishes, as well as of the error message I get. Please advise on how to correct this problem. Thanks!
  2. I recently purchased REX Essential plus Overdirve from the FS Pilot Shop. It has been working fine for about two weeks now and all of a sudden I can't use the real world data anymore. It is grayed out and wont even let me click it. I tried researching, uninstalling and reinstalling it, nothing. I attatched a photo to show what Im dealing with. ALSO, As you can see in the other photo, the General tab, I have no option to backup and restore or create a user profile, which would allow me to use the nifty download center. I, once again, have researched it to no avail. When I click the "Forgot your user name and password" It takes me to a bad link that doesnt ddisplay anything. PLEASE HELP. This is such a cool product but now nothing is working. Thank you to anyone who helps. Using version 3.8.2014.1211
  3. Hi everyone! I have a problem with my REX Essential Plus Overdrive. The issue is that when I create a flight plan, fly now, in REX and I start to fly in the simulator everything is ok and the REX loads the weather perfectly, but when I'm about 30 min (it depends, sometimes 15, 20 minutes of flying, the REX stops loading the weather and then I go to the windows desktop and I see that REX doesn't work, i get the box message "this program isn't responding". Someone could help me?. I have to say that problem exists for month. I've done reinstall of REX, the problem exist with SP 1 and 2 too ;/ Any ideas? When I turned off all anty virus programmes and firewall problem still exists... Thank you very much and best regards! Martin Info: FSX+ Acceleration REX Essential Plus Overdrive build version 3.7.2013.0715 (with SP 1 and 2) AI Traffic - ICE Traffic 2013 Aerosoft addon's- airbus x, airports Fly Tampa addon's- airports My computer: Windows XP Professional SP 3 Intel Core i5-2500k CPU @ 3.30 GHz 3,5 GB RAM Graphic Card ; Ge Force GTX 560 Hard Drive 1 TB
  4. Hi. Firstly I'd like to say what a fantastic product REX Essential Plus Overdrive is. Really enjoying it. However, I'm having 2 consistent errors whenever I used the "Follow a flightplan" option. I have an active Flightaware subscription. Issue 1: After selecting and saving a flightplan, FSX is started up automatically by REX as I have set it to do. I then load the flightplan from the REX folder through FSX. I then go to see the flightplan visual [This example is a flight from EGLL - OMDB] (Flight Planner -> Edit) and view the navlog, and it views my flight as starting at EGLL positioned just south of South Africa in the middle of the ocean, and OMDB being positioned South East of Madagascar in the middle of the ocean. However, when the flight is started, the aircraft in fact IS at the CORRECT EGLL at the correct gate etc, However, the GPS within FSX does not show the flight plan. Issue 2: So after getting over Issue 1, I attempted to use the FSX ATC as I have always done. After requesting IFR clearance (Heathrow Ground, Emirates 8 heavy blah blah blah) and receiving clearance (Emirates 8 heavy, cleared to Dubai blah blah blah), I then readback the clearance (Emirates 8 heavy cleared to Dubai, fly runway heading blah blah blah) I then receive no reply, and the area below the ATC dialogue goes blank (where it would normally say "Tuned Heathrow Ground 1##.###" and show options). ATC is then no longer operational in any way for ME, however it continues to respond perfectly to WOAI traffic. Hope you guys can help! Thanks in advance
  5. After running REX Auto Updater (installed successfully including SQL and .NET packages and finished with "all up to date" message) it is not possible to Restore Configuration. Buttons for Restore and Backup are missing. Also when selecting SImulator Folder Location using Browse, the field stays blank. It is possible to type path manually but it is not saved. Also on About REX tab my Product Key is missing. Previously it was there or REXNOINTERNET when internet connection was not available. BTW I'm connected to internet.
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