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Found 10 results

  1. Dont ask why but i didnt back up my textures before i installed REX 4 now i want to restore some textures (clouds) back. I have a drive with a back up for all textures for FSX however i want to place those backup textures in the REX backup folder if it exist and then automatically back them up through the REX software but i dont know where that folder is located and which textures i need place in there im only interested in the cloud textures if nothing else works im just going to re-install everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hello, I made a Topic a few months ago but it is closed! But I have still the same Problem! I tried so much but nothing helps!
  3. I am not sure if this has ever come up but I wonder if there has ever been talks about integrating REX texture direct with REX essential +OD? I'm not talking about using them together as separate products but as one product like you did with REX texture direct and Soft Clouds. Reason I ask is that I still l would love to use REX essentials + OD in the future but I would love it to load as fast as the textures from REX Direct. If this has been talked about already, then please be kind to direct me to the right place. If not, then is there a chance this could happen in the future and with any future developments? I love all of REX products and it would be great if there were all just utilized from one tool. Thanks Troy
  4. Hi, I have REX essential with Overdrive textures, and it it great. But in the runway texture tab, it shows that there are individual touchdown marks (that would be in a payware scenery) over the fade of touchdowns on the runway. But I don't see these marks in P3D (I have V3.2), or in FSX, only the terrible fade, like the default runway. So are these marks actually meant to be there, or are they just added to the image to make it look nice? Thanks a lot
  5. Hello,,,,,,,,, I cannot updateeeeeeee with to latest build 0325 from 0314 - when using the inbuild REX update Option it downloaded but at he end it stops always. I have no Problem with my Internet Connection, any other files dowmload completely from different sites. And when I reload ur download, site it is no longer displayed or i get a rpage relaod error. Weird, please help me out. Thank you very much. I use REX 4 Direct with integrated softclouds (but bought REX cd seperately). Kind regards, Tom
  6. Hello, I installed REX Texture direct with soft clouds - the latest build - build: 4.7.2015.1006 Everytime I run the program, the splash screen comes up but then the software fails to load. At times a black screen and It crashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please can anyone help ASAP. Thank you in advance.
  7. I have the same scenario that this user has. I have applied the sql server LocalDB files (it failed installation, as it said i already had them installed) Ran sqllocaldb.exe file and has same result as user above. It just loads to a black screen. and if i click on the black screen, windows tells me the program is not responding.) Notes: Have REX Essentials w/ OD, installed I have win 10 64bit. I have reinstalled REX Textures, rebooted, REX Tex is not installed in P3d Dir. Please advise. Thanks.
  8. Re Update Service Pack 6 - Hotfix 1 - (build: 4.8.2016.0314) Please remove the auto shader deletion and turn it into an OPTIONAL feature. It's beyond annoying to change a minor texture set, only to have the whole sim have to rebuild all shaders. Also, have it delete the contents of the shader folder, not the folder itself. How can YOU know that there aren't modified shaders already present in that temp folder, unrelated to your sky, cloud, water textures? Can you specify which sections actually REQUIRE a shader rebuild? Seems what you have done here is blunt force trauma on what should have been a scalpel operation.
  9. i keep getting error message from REX and .NET FRAMEWORK message and stuff.. and as most people say i need update on my framework but i got 4.5 so how i can update anymore... and beside i already upload it and i cant seem to make it work the error message Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. if you click Continue . The application will ignore this error and attempt to continue . If you click Quit The appliciation will close immediately The specified module could not be found . ( exception from HRSULT : 0x8007007e). and message same goes with microsoft .NET Framework. so, REX engine only update the weather if i start the weather injection, but wx engine do not actualize wx trought the flight, unless i make a wx injection manually, i fly in mexico, whit a wx station (metar available) every 80 or 90 nm 24 hrs i have installed sp3a, fsx sp1 sp2 sdk etc... in fact, rwx work fine for two weeks, then this happen, i al ready reinstall everything twice and problem steel there pd, sorry for my poor english.
  10. Hello, I have the latest version of REX direct + Soft texture Clouds (V4.7.2015.1006) but my setup is blank every time I close and reopen. Thanks!
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