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Found 277 results

  1. Hi all! Hopefully somebody can help me. I just buyed REX5 Environment Force, now trying to install it but he freezes while installing. The program says; Installing prerequisite software for more than 30mins. Also tryed to reinstall MySQL Server 2016 but it also wont help. Maybe somebody can help me? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have an installation problem with Environment Force - which I from Aerosoft. Allways getting the message : "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 12007." It seems that it has something to do with the SQL-Server because if I untick this option there is no such message/problem, but the software afterwards does not start. Please help....... Regards, Rolf
  3. Same here. I tried downloading SQL 2016 Express, but couldn't find the localdb selection and so even if I installed SQL, REX still wants to install it and install fails
  4. I just wanted to say thank you for the REX suite of programs. Although i have a somewhat older computer system than i would like and am in need of a replacement/upgrade REX Skyforce and Environment Force have created an environment that is as good as i could hope to have. The visuals are outstanding and the stress on my system is relatively minimal so I am able to fly smoothly with most of my addons and scenery enabled. I was using ASP4 as the weather engine but suffered through CTDs for no apparent reason, KernelBase.dll errors. On updating to P3D4.5 i tried a few flights in the US with Skyforce as the weather engine and suffered no CTDs or errors. On restarting to use ASP4 the crashes were back. Since i fly on Vatsim in Australia and New Zealand mostly i ended up reinstalling OPUSFSI as the weather engine to get the Vatsim derived weather and have not experienced a single crash to date. When flying outside the US i use EF, P3D and OpusFSI (loaded in that order). When flying in the US where NOAA data is plentiful i use EF, SF and P3D. These combinations work really well with accurate real world weather, great visuals and smooth flying. I now have a renewed passion for flight simulation.
  5. How can I request a refund of REX 4? I bought it but it won’t run for long before crashing and I haven’t received any help about it.
  6. Here are some shots of SF (latest update) and EF (latest version) and all.is working as should , nice and smooth and fps are steady 30 + in p3d v4.5 hotfix version . Thanks REX , loving it!! Great job 😁
  7. Hi I have valid serials for a number of REX products that I bought from the now defunct flightsim store. After a long break from simming I am reloading everything back up and would like to use my REX products. Is it possible to get a new download link directly from yourselves, or perhaps via another supplier? My order numbers are as follows: Order Number: FSS0471461 REX - REX4 Weather Architect: Order Number: FSS0347337 REX - Soft Clouds Order Number: FSS0336520 REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD I can also provide the serials if needed via DM or email. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I recently purchased Environment Force and wondered whether it was compatible for FSX steam edition as this is the only simulator I have. During purchase I did not see anywhere where it stated the compatibility for flight software so I stupidly assumed it worked for all sims. But when I go to activate the serial code I can only find Environment Force for P3D V4. Maybe I have brought the wrong product but I'm not sure? Many Thanks
  9. Does anybody have issues with purchasing SF and EF? I have purchased both of them and I was charged but products still did not show up in my account account, unless I am looking at a wrong places. Support does not answer.
  10. Hi there. I am an owner of: REX Essential Plus REX Texture Direct REX Soft Clouds REX Worldwide Airports HD REX Sky Force 3D I have been out of P3D for many months and just getting back to it now. I see there's new REX5 etc? What should i get and what all should i use that makes most sense? I am just confused as to which one would conflict which one? 1. Which ones from the list above should i reinstall? 2. Which new ones should i buy? I am still going to use Active Sky for weather. Thanks and appreciate your help. Swadeep
  11. Hello, i want to buy REX Environment Force from the REX Store because of the 5$ discount. However when i go through the process and click "pay with PayPal" it leads me to the PayPal site and from there i can only return to the vendor. It says something like "City and Street undefined" P.S. i am from Germany. Kind regards Vincent
  12. the key to the recently released REX5 environment force product can be used by two people at the same time thanks to all of you of the fantastic products
  13. Same Problem the discount is not shown. Frank
  14. Hello, I've purchased several products on the FSS and as we know, it went belly up. I contacted your support (Ticket 7559), to hear if I could transfer the purchases to the REX Store or what other options I had, in case their download server also went down. The products couldn't be transferred but was given new downloads for my licenses, that could be downloaded through your download manager - Great! However, I was also given a 20% voucher I could use on your store, for future purchases of REX Products. I just tried to apply said voucher on EF and get the error; "You cannot use this voucher with these products" Is there a limitation for the voucher I was given, is it expired now, is EF not eligible? Thanks
  15. Greetings, I went to purchase this product at the REX store. I logged into my account. Your site syas there should be a $5 discount applied automatically if I bought Sky Force 3D which I did. It wouldn't apply the discount during checkout so I didn't purchase yet. Please advise how to get the discount. Thanks
  16. Hi I bought Skyforce directly from the REX store and would like a discount for purchasing EnvironmentForce but that does not seem to be available to customers who bought it directly...why not? If I purchased it elsewhere I can get a discount...this does not make sense/! Thanks! Larry
  17. Hi, I just received the email in order to sign up to receive your special discount voucher at the REX Store. However when I click on the provided link and fill my outlook email address, this is what I get. Why this happens? Please look at this issue as I wouldn't like to lose the offer as a REX customer.
  18. Good Evening, I have been a long time user of REX products, all the way back to REX essentials back in 2008. All of my products have been bought through the FSS, as this place seems to be dying a slow and painful (for customers) death, is there any chance I can get my products moved over here, directly with you guys? Not looking to scam anything here, and I will prove that I genuinely own the products, however which way you guys need it to be proved? Please! Thanks
  19. Hi REX Support team, I'm one of your FSS customers - I have been trying for a few days to email your support team at support@rexgamestudios.com but my emails keep getting bounced back saying there is no user 'support' at rexgamestudios.com It's being generated by an Office365 mail server, so you might need to go and give it a good hard kick If there's a different address to send to, please message or email me. Thanks, Adrian Esdaile
  20. Dear REX, I have the REX TD, REX SF3D and REX Airports all for FSX, If I will move for P3D platform, will these products work there or there will be additional costs for that? Best regards
  21. With the demise of The FlightSim Store, is there a process to convert my purchases with them over to your system so I can re-download if needed?
  22. I own REX 4 Texture Direct, and Soft Clouds, and I can see I can get a 15% discount on upgrade to REX Skyforce, but do I also get the 50% Black Friday discount = total 65% on buying it now? Regards Jlund
  23. Hello guys, I am new to fly simulation and a new member on this forum, please accept my apologies for my ignorance and if this is not the right place for my question. I just installed REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition, everything is running perfect but I notice that there still 2 folders in my computer C: drive. one is the folder of the "REX download manager" and the other is the "rexdownload" folder that contains 8.23GB. My question is: Can this folders be deleted without causing any negative effect on the installation of REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition? in other words, Can I delete this folders? Greatly appreciate your help in advance. Axel
  24. Hello. Since the project has been in development for years and on hold, maybe add the opportunity for it to work with X-Plane 11 as well, as it's the rising future simulator right now. We know the same architecture is used among FS and P3D, but that architecture is quite archaic. XP11 being more recent, allows for a better experience. Any positive thoughts on this?
  25. Hello, I have been a REX user for over 7 years now and I am currently eyeing the jump from FSX to P3D. Back in 2011 when I purchased the first product, I chose REX Essentials Plus with the OD Texture Pack. After download, it was then choose your textures and settings ... and forget it. Everything from that day forward worked impeccably without issues. A true 'set it and forget it' program as long as FSX was launched through REX. I had ground textures for runways, grass, parking, tarmac, and roads at all airports. I had water textures and animations everywhere. I had a plentiful variety of wonderful cloud textures, sky textures, colors and sun and moon textures all day (and night). Furthermore, I had a very nice weather engine providing me with some of the most realistic weather conditions the sim world has ever seen, from the clearest blue skies to the densest fog, from the cutest cumuli to the most menacing dark thunderstorm clouds. Even today, when I post my sim pics on line, I often get asked what weather engine and textures I use. So now, I figure over the next 6 months I will make the jump to P3D, and would like to get the same REX Essentials w/OD installed there. However, I can't find this 'all in one' program anymore. Ok, so I figured with progress being what it is, perhaps the amount of textures have become overwhelming to be all included in such an 'all in one' program, so perhaps the REX developers opted to put them all into one separate program. Fair enough. Perhaps maybe two programs ? I quickly found out - REX Texture Direct 4 for the ground and water textures and REX Skyforce for all the sky and cloud textures. Simple enough, but where's the newest weather engine ? The soon to be released Weather Force must be the newest weather engine everyone's talking about. OK, simple enough - I just buy REX TD4, Skyforce and Weather Force (once it's released) , and I have essentially a greatly enhanced and updated REX E w/OD containing all the ground, water and sky textures along with the weather engine, right ? Well, actually, no. As it turns out REX TD4 has ground and sky/cloud textures but no weather engine. OK, so one then purchases REX Skyforce to get the engine, but wait ...... there's no ground and water textures in Skyforce. So now to cover the bases one has to own both REX TD4 and Skyforce and inactivate the duplicate cloud textures in REX TD4 as Skyforce is touted to have the latest cloud and sky textures. The upcoming Weather Force will apparently have a more fluid and improved weather change pattern in it's weather engine (as per info from sim conferences), which will most likely cause the engine in Skyforce to become 'the older sibling', and if one wants it, then they have to consequently inactivate it in Skyforce, and download the Weatherforce software version. As much as I like REX and it's products, I feel a bit confused by the release protocol of the various addons, which essentially forces sim folk to download several products and then inactivate the duplicates in order to cover all the bases from the standpoint of having the latest and best airport ground textures, water texures, sky/sun/moon/cloud textures, and weather engine. Would it not be easier to just break these down into several different downloadable products that would each complement one another (without duplication) and have the simmer then choose how basic or complete they want their sim to look and download the corresponding product(s) ? I love REX products and will continue to support REX down the road. I just wish the products were a bit more easier to understand, complemented each other and had no duplications between them. This way I feel even subsequent updates would be easier to put out, regardless of whether it's a revised weather engine, or water textures. (I also certainly wish REX would look into water shaders and offer some program to change the 'milky' water appearance of water for those who still use FSX.) Food for thought, anyway, from a somewhat confused, but loyal REX customer. Cheers, MZ.
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