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Found 7 results

  1. I have previously installed REX 4 textures with soft clouds without any problem but this time after files are extracted cannot get installer to work. the REX Installer just brings up something in a box which stays there for the blink of an eye but I have managed to read that the first word is "preparing". The windows installer brings up a message "check that this is a valid windows installer" I have downloaded the program 3 times from FSS thinking maybe downloads were corrupted but result always the same. Your help would be much appreciated
  2. Good morning, I have heavy frame drops in clouds or looking at them with latest REX 4 Direct with Integrated Soft Clouds. For me unplayable, before update I had 70-80 fps and when flying through cloud layers or looking at them with your latest patch fps drops to 30. That is not acceptable, I love ur work, but this has to be patched please. In some P3D fb groups many members encounter the same heavy fps drop. With REX deinstalled, my fps are back to 70 & 80 when flying through heavy cloud layers with maxed out settings, so this framedrop issue is REX related. Pls respond, thx very much in advance. Kind regards Tom Weigandt
  3. Hi I've had rex4 texture direct for some time and really love it, however my water color and textures our very "unnatural" for example around Hong Kong the water is a flat turquoise as well as at waterfront cities like St Maarten and around the Caribbean (pretty much every waterfront city) the water is one solid color which is not right comparing to your screenshots of what REX 4 looks like and other people fsx (who have rex4 obviously). thanks Alec
  4. Hello I purchased REX essential plus with overdrive on April 27, 2014; my Order number is 128073. I cannot get the textures to load into FSX, let me explain, after installing REX I created a texture theme and installed it, then REX offered for me to fly by presenting the button that states "Fly now", which clicked. Once loaded all I was able to observe were the default clouds and sky colors normally in FSX. I used the REX weather engine which some times loads the weather just fine but most of the time it says the weather theme could not be loaded and to check the files to see if they're there. So if you could help me that would be great. I have seen what REX can do and I'm excited to get it working with FSX. Your assistance is much appreciated. Sinecerly, Joshua
  5. Hello, I have a problem with my weather engine. When i click Load weather it does nothing expect of the green screen with the scanner flashes. Thanks in advance. Robin
  6. Hi Guys, Not too long ago I decided to reinstall FSX & All my add-ons onto a clean drive (F:). And all is working well until it came to REX. I have it installed just fine, however when, during the setup I need to point it to the root FSX folder it will never accept it. I can only guess that this is because its on the F drive now? Has anyone else had / Fixed this problem before? If so, would you mind sharing the knowledge? Thanks in Advance, All. Gary.
  7. Hello fellow REX community. I've just received a new SSD, and been installing all my addons for FSX the past days. I've now gotten around to installing REX, where I'm having some difficulties. I downloaded the wrapper to my storage drive, where I unzipped everything to a folder. I then ran the REXEssential.exe and started the installation. I change the default installation directory to a new folder in my other HDD, dedicated to FSX. It then runs the initial setup, but when it gets around to installing the actual stuff, it gives me the following message: http://i47.tinypic.com/2h3dlyh.png[/IMG] ( http://i47.tinypic.com/2h3dlyh.png ) I have been searching around on google, but have not found any solution that works for me. I'm at a loss of options, as I really can't install REX on my SSD, as it most likely will make it explode (metaphorically speaking, ofcourse) Thank for you taking your time to read this! - Lasse
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