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Found 17 results

  1. Does anyone know why my P3d V4 has messed up water textures like this? I do have alot of addons. I have PTA, (Tried tweaking it), I have REX with the water textures turned on and off with no difference, I have AS P4 still does it on or off. ORBX GLobal, NA and Vector. Tried many suggestions, still doing it. Tried Bathymetry on and off, no change. Reshade on and off, no diff, URP on and offstill does it. I have KSFO HD by FLightbeam, San Francisco by aerosoft, on and off, still does it. Tried different library layer settings using Add on organizer. Just dont know where this is coming from? Any specific bgl files attributed to this? ANy ideas out there? THanks
  2. Hello - I have had REX installed running FSX with no trouble using the live weather loading FSX through the fly now function. I have un- installed FSX and switched to P3D, activating it and re establishing the root folder to the C:P3Dmaster file I created. When I click the fly now function now the weather engine does not load and the REX program closes as it opens P3D which then runs but without the REX additions First of all is this the right forum and second has anyone seen this/ can advise? Many Thanks,
  3. Hi, I already checked following post to clear my problem, but it doesn't show solutions. I have a problem almost same as DANEQ99 had in the past. Pls take a look for attached screen shot, the P3D w/REX shows the wind of "220@20kt", but the real metar said"160@4kt". Whenever, and wherever while I'm on the ground, wind is "220@20kt". Can anyone help me to clear this? (I fly with P3D v2.5, REX version is, 3.5.2012.1029.) Regars, KOMMY from JPN
  4. - REX Essential + Overdrive , build 3.8.2014.1126, Order # JCYYQPZNB, REX Store. O/S is Win7 Pro. Sims are - P3D and FSX I think I've done everything according to the instructions. Configuration Manager/General tab is set to C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3. My FSX is installed at C:\FSX. UAC is set to the the bottom of the slider scale. I use NOD 32 as a firewall/anti-virus scanner and all P3D, FSX, and REX executables have been added to the 'excluded' list. The is the one thing that is not according to the instructions is the default install location for P3D. as noted, this is at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 My problem is that hitting the "I want to fly now" button returns an error code that says I need a license to install textures to P3D. I paid for the P3D license, I have the electronic receipt but shouldn't post it here. I've also paid for and been receipted for the REX Essentials software I've tried numerous things, using the restore buttons, checking my username and password, and spending several hours researching this subject on this forum. I found numerous references to the problem - every single on stating that private email has been sent, then a note from the poster that the problem is solved - never any hints as to what to do or where to go. Here's one example: Now, the notification under the (my) Configuration Manager/General tab no longer shows the notation that the license is valid (used to - doesn't anymore). I suppose I could post screenshots, but I'd just be duplicating previous work. Can someone assist?
  5. Hi everybody! I did the update of the WX radar this morning with the updater and I get this message"MV_WX.DLL incompatible with this simulator"everytime I launch FSX-SE(and also my P3D V3.4 18). The radar seems to work nonetheless, when I clear the error message, as I get the good test picture! Thank you for helping Cheers Pat
  6. Well....I like this product baby. I just installed it and I immediately notice a difference in the texture qualities. I am using P3D 3.3.x and haven't found any bug's yet. Now I am just waiting for this new environmental package to be released and I will be all set. I just wanted to report that it is AOK from this end. Tim ARS N9NU
  7. Hi, I was wondering what options you use to get a correct VAS usage. I do not overload my simulator with tons of add ons but usually they are heavy. The simulator can follow and deliver performances, however the 32bits limit is now the big constraint. Recently I loaded the default P3D aircraft on New York from Drzewiecki, REX option at max and I had like 50Mo free. So my question is basically from the option list covering airport textures, runway etc ... which ones are the most costly and that I should remove ? Thanks,
  8. Hello, I have an issue with REX where it identifies FSX as P3D; Saying that i messed with the settings, and caused something to recognize my FSX as P3D. i tried using regestiry fixer, and reinstalling REX OD but that didn't fix the issue, any help with the issue ?
  9. Hi, I purchased REX many years ago and a new months ago I purchased the P3D upgrade inside the REX essentials tool. However, I had to reinstall my PC last week and I am trying to find out how to reinstate the P3D licenses without having to pay the $4.99 again Is this possible? Thanks
  10. Hello, i have new installed my Rexessential+HD with latest hotfix. REX shows 3.4.2014.1126 how to get overdrive in this version?, or is it inside?
  11. Good morning, I have heavy frame drops in clouds or looking at them with latest REX 4 Direct with Integrated Soft Clouds. For me unplayable, before update I had 70-80 fps and when flying through cloud layers or looking at them with your latest patch fps drops to 30. That is not acceptable, I love ur work, but this has to be patched please. In some P3D fb groups many members encounter the same heavy fps drop. With REX deinstalled, my fps are back to 70 & 80 when flying through heavy cloud layers with maxed out settings, so this framedrop issue is REX related. Pls respond, thx very much in advance. Kind regards Tom Weigandt
  12. Good afternoon, after ugrading to P3D V3.2, I have no clouds, when I load a weather scheme for examle ( Thunderstorm) no clouds, only rain and llightning visible. Could help me somebody please? Thank you. Before 3.2. everything works fine though... Kind regards, Tom Weigandt
  13. I just installed P3D and REX Essentials plus overdrive, and the REX textures work fine, but the weather engine always crashes. I found this error message every time ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmMain.runNewWeatherEngine Error: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) Thanks for the help, patton
  14. Hey I've been reading the forums trying to figure out why I cannot install textures into P3D. I have purchased a P3D key and it is activated in REX. I keep getting this message when trying to install: I have tried to restore my settings by entering my username and password. It says it was successful but I still end up with the same message. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you need more info let me know! Mike.
  15. Hello I ve buy this day a P3D key in the REX program (sorry for my english ). But i have received no key and no mail with it. And the REX program loose my settings. I try to import setting with the loggin/password i ve created when buying the key... What can I do ?
  16. Hi there, as I am unable to access the P3D support forums, I am trying my luck to get a response here, even if this is clearly the wrong place. I posted my order details in the verification thread and tried to get an answer via direct message on both these forums and Facebook, to no avail. Perhaps I am too impatient, but it's quite disappointing to being unable to get REX to run and to have no possibilities to ask anyone for help. As a side note, REX is such a professional product and a more direct access to support would just be fitting, e.g. a ticket system, or direct contact possibilities via email (coupled with a ticket system), as this is fairly standard today. To my issue: I keep receiving the error message "You cannot install textures into Prepar3D until you have a valid license key." when trying to install default or custom texturesets. I have purchased the additional REX P3D license and it is shown on the configuration manager tab. I also reinstalled REX twice, deleting all leftovers in the hidden AppData folder. I was not able to find any REX registry entries, though. Can you help? Screenshot of the error message: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-gfjioVmoJPdjNCRl9MVl9NNFE/edit?usp=sharing Thanks for your help! Kevin
  17. Bonjour Suite installation REX essentiel+ overdrive HD version 3.6.2013.0415, plus de licence p3d . Pas de résultat avec une restauration. Qu'elle serait la solution? Phil231 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello After installing essential REX + HD version 3.6.2013.0415, more p3d license overdrive. No result with restoration. It is the solution? Phil231
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