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Found 54 results

  1. Hallo, My biggest question on all the discussions here is - why I need Tomato or PTA when I use EF ? What are the features EF cannot handle but PTA or Tomato can handle ? For me it will be very useful to become an comparison between EF and This Shader Tools. Hope someone can explain it for me. Thanks Michael
  2. Hi REX Support, I have noticed that the destination visibility is incorrect when using REX. When flying to destinations with low visiblity the weather depicted is always with a higher visibilty - greater than 20 miles on the destination airport ATIS. The rest of the weather is depicted correctly. This is not something I have spotted recently. It was the same in REX Essential, now in REX Essential Plus and also in the BETA 2 I am currently testing. Its the same in Standard mode or Plus mode. My settings are default with the "Real Visibility/smoothing" options on. Its very simple to reproduce - fly from somewhere with good visibility to somewhere with bad visibility. If I start at the bad visiblity airport the weather is depicted correctly with low vis. I checked the destination metar in the WASYS tool and it also shows low visibility there but is not depicted on arrival. One workaround I found is to hit the "load weather" in the WASYS tool when approaching the destination airport and the visibility is then injected correctly. Can someone run the same test to see if they see the same issue? Just fly from a good visiblity airport to a bad visibility airport (suggest New Delhi as visibility is usually bad there) and see what you get. Some more info Running Windows 7 (was having the same issue on Vista before). Running FSX & REX as admin. Weather update interval is default 15mins.
  3. I have recently upgraded to REX Essential + Overdrive for P3D and now I can't get any real weather updates while using proxy. Previous version (REX Overdrive for FSX) worked fine with proxy while IE was configured to use it. Obviously something has changed how REX Essential handles internet connection. Would that be possible for REX to detect proxy? or maybe is there some setting in config file? I would appreciate if this works over proxy as most of my simming time I have to use proxy for internet access. Slawek
  4. I'm having almost the exact same problem with the exception that I did NOT get the memory message from windows appearing over the REX WX radar screen, though I did get the "Script error" message. My options screen is exactly the same as Juan 1097. Ive done everything recommended on this board, ie. deleting REX and the upgrades, deleting FSX, deleting REX folder, enabling hidden files to be shown and looking for other REX folders (they werent there anyway), turned UAC off, then I ran Auslogics Boost Speed to clean the registry, restarted the computer, re-installed FSX Acceleration in the C:\ drive (and ran it, no problems), then re-installed REX Essential then OD, then SP1 Beta 1, then SP1 Beta 2 (all to C:\REX), all with Admin priviledges selected in properties before installing, then I installed the simconnect.msi from the file in the REX folder. Not only does FSX hang with no recovery, but I've also been able to actually complete a few fights on occaision (my flights are generally all about an hour long), but as I'm taxiing in I get a message from Windows saying the program has stopped running and needs to close, I have no option but to click "close program" and that ends it. Several other times the this has happened on final approach as well. There was only one time after all of the reloading mentioned above that I was able to recover from FSX hanging.... I clicked to bring up the REX radar screen, right clicked the margin and clicked load weather and was able to resume the flight and finish it. Though it just happened to me again today and that method didn't work this time. Also when this happens, my cursor disappears when in the FSX screen but returns when on the REX radar WX screen or my toolbar. Hate to do this to you, but there's more.... I was running in WX Plus mode and there was never a green "Weather Injection Starting" bar across the top of the screen when the weather (which was set to every 15 minutes), the weather just kept changing automatically every few minutes, the clouds would suddenly be different with no smooth transition whenever the weather updated which again, seemed to be ever minute or so. Ugh, I hope all of that isn't as hard to read as it is type! REX is an AWESOME program!!! I sure appreciate all your hard work dealing with these issues. Thank you!!! PS- I've done no special modification to my computer, it's exactly as it was out of the box when I got, ie. no overclocking, etc. I've just updated drivers, other than that it the same now as it was from the factory.
  5. I received an email that the SP1 is ready to download. when ahead to download and this is the response that I get. Is there a fix or am I doing something wrong? Thanks guys.. Thats the first screen..My REX Essential is located in my F/REX folder. Next response is I can't seem to locate this Thumbs.db file. Let me know what you find. Many thanks guys again David
  6. Hi. I've just downloaded the sp1 REX essential+OD 3.6.2013.0415, and did everything correct (right folder for FSX, run as administrator etc.), but when i load archieved weather data and click fly now from the "real time weather" window, the simulator starts but the weather engine doesn't work. Any advice to solve the problem?
  7. Hello, For few days, REX Essential weather engine do not load the weather and the aircraft position. I open REX Essential, wait for complete weather download and select Weather menu. I select an airport ICAO name to view weather at departure location. I select Fly and REX weather engine opens. I launch Shade with FSX, select my aircraft and departure airport to begin my flight. REX weather engine still stays with green loading HMI... I tried two times to uninstall REX Essential, cleaned PC with CCleaner, then re-install REX Essential by changing location and name on HDD but with no positive result. I have never had this problem with REX 2 on the same PC. Could you help me to identify a possible fix? PC on W7 64 bits FSX with UT2, Accu Feel V2 and GSX Thanks, Regards, Junior_2VA
  8. Hi I have been doing alot of online flying, and the QNH maybe 1002 on Vatsim, but REX Essential is showing 994, its always different. So my question is, what am I doing wrong ? I have download weather from vatsim ticked.
  9. I have been unable to load weather themes of any sort. Lots of forum reading discovered an error report. Did a fresh download and install, followed all the rules etc, have active P3D. I am again getting error messages and no weather. I've searched the forums and re-read the manual 2-3 time to try and fing my error. I haven't figured out how to attatch the error file so here are trhe 2 errors I'm getting. error traping for REX essential error: object reference not set to an instance of an object class location: ucweatherControl.setweatheroptions error: object referance not set to an instance of an object class location: frmMain. load main themewindow error: C:\REX essential plus overdrive\images\tropical\18\ Windows Home Prem, 64bit 12GB Ram evga gtx 580, 3GB x 2 Standard-no OC 750GB HDD no network P3D v4+ Internet AVG AV--off fiorewall no FSUICP installed, only played with controller settings UAC off c:\REX c:\p3d Thats all I can think of Thank you
  10. I down loaded the proper upgrade for myREX 3.5.2012.1029. It appears to install but I get the following message: Could not load file or assembly"Neodynamic.SDK Image Draw" System cannot find file specified. I activated REX and it appears to work but something must not be in the system according to the message. I did look for that file on my system, just in case, but it's nowhere to be found. Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any help as I'm completely lost on this. Jack Fentress .
  11. New to REX have installed sp1 when selecting real flight plan and selecting dep. and arrival( (KRNO-KSEA) get screen: uploading flight plan. REX is reading data from community flight center please wait........ the loading tape indicator continues to indicate loading seems not to finish, have been waiting. this is a short flight plan, is there a procedure I am not completing. Norman.
  12. Hi just installed the service pack for REX Essentials + OD now on 3.6.2013.0415 Couple of issues have occurred. 1) I cannot turn off the in game notification message, even if untick it still appears in flight 2) My Vasi and AI aircraft lights are all bloated again (I run on 3 monitors) I guess this is because the update re ticked the aircraft/runway lights etc boxes. Any way of undoing what this has installed? ReagrdsOrder Number: FSS0170701 Order Date: 2012-06-13 REX FSX order # FSS0170701 Installed as ADMIN | 2Gig duel core 2GIG Ram | Geforce 7900GS Windows Vista | SP2 Acceleration | REX Essentials | Tried ruining as Admin and as user
  13. Hi, I ran into a real donnybrook trying to update to the newest version. Long story short i downloaded my ex plus from flight sim store after many attempts to re install off of my REX v 2 dvd 514 version and my overdrive dvd I bought from flightsim store as well., Ironically i purchased these on dvd to avoid the trouble i have now . so on to it I downloaded my version of REX ex plus version ending 1028.I then attempted to download the appropriate version from support section but during the file extraction processes I get an error cab file 13 and 14 missing. this happened twice after downloading and trying it twice I need help. I suppose the overdrive version i have on dvd wont match as the version it was meant to update was ending 611.......quite confusing I realize. help me if you can.
  14. This never used to happen but now I'm also getting what seems to be a common problem. I'll be just flying along and I get - "The weather theme could not be loaded. Please check this file exists and try again.". When you click OK the weather loads as though there was no problem. The problem is walking away from the computer in a flight and getting that message as the flight pauses until you click OK. I installed REX Ess in C\REX. The textures are all present in the textures page of the GUI. In my weather themes folder I have: BGLC.exe BGLC.INC current.bat current.wt current.wtb Why is this a new problem? Has something come down the internet in weather downloads which has changed something? Richard
  15. I'm going to assume this is user error, but I cannot get REX+ to inject any weather into FSX when it starts. I've been scouring the forums all night but I have not come upon a solution. What I can confirm is this: I have REX Essential + OD with the Beta 2 installed (Vr Build 3.5.2012.1029).I have created my own textures as well as used default and randomized textures, installed them, and clicked "Fly Now".The REX Weather Engine spools up just prior to the launch of my flight.My flight begins and the green REX banner never scrolls along the top of the screen, nor do any of my selected sky, cloud, water or lighting textures appear.Is there something in the FSX weather screen that I am not selecting correctly? (See photo). I have been selecting the "REX" option. Although it describes this option as generating "Real Weather", which I do not necessarily want. I.e., if it's raining in Los Angeles at this very moment, I do not want it to be raining at LAX when I begin my flight. If I'm hoping for a nice, orange sunset sky with scattered clouds, that's what I'm hoping to see injected into my flight via REX regardless of what the "real" weather is at LAX at that very moment. My Configuration Manager Setup: Simulator Folder location should be accurateMultiple REX "Auto-launch" options are ticked"Enable green message bar" is ticked Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong? I never had any problems with REX 2.0+ OD. I would click "Fly Now" and my textures would load flawlessly, every time. Many, many thanks. Regards, Todd
  16. Hi, I am in total confusion. I accidentally deleted REX Essentials form my Hard Disk and would like to reinstall it. I fly with P3D. my FSS order # is #FSS0035859 Product: REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 I also remember that I purchased the P3D activation from you and REX Essentials worked ok with P3D. What's the easiest and fastest way of getting back to business? Thank'you very much Andrea
  17. hey guys , i have had this problem for a few months now im not able to select 2.x water on my computer. when i do it is just blank water. when i do select 1.x its terible water textures and can not be REX because i know how amazing REX water looks. i im guessing the water textures arnt installing propperly? Any sugestions? here are the screenshots of my 2.x water: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2013/03/08/Zp9zD.pnghttp://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2013/03/08/Zp9zD.png Thanks in advance. James
  18. Well, got snagged reading the news at Avsim referencing SP1/Beta 2 but can't seem to find them here. Also, I don't think I have Overdrive installed, but I have a lot of textures so I wonder if they are left over from original REX s/ Overdrive. My install of Essentials Plus works fabulously, but I'd like to get beta for it's tweaking of wind-shifting algorithm. Thanks in advance, Noel
  19. Hey guys, As some of you know I bought a new computer and am now ready to istall REX 2.0 then upgrade it to Essentials. Now I know it can get confusing for me that is on the installation. I know how to install Essentials from watching the video they made. My question is on 2.0 do I leave the directory as shown and click install?
  20. Hi guys; Having no probs with the vers. 3.1.2012.1028,but just a few questions. Maybe something I've overlooked with my REX setup. My weather this morning in Fredericksburg VA (KEZF) ....using Realtime Weather....showed winds at 5,000 to be 38-40 kts from 311. I took my 172 up to 5,000 and was cruising into the wind heading 311.My KIAS was 104. When I turned to 180 hdg, my speed remained the same 104. Question: Shouldn't I increase speed going downwind ? And also...the plane NEVER buffeted or seemd to be the least bit affected by the wind. Wings stayed so smooth you could have balanced a golf ball on them. Any ideas I don't have SP 1 Beta 1 nor Beta 2 installed.....patiently waiting for the final product. Thanks. Skip D
  21. Well, had a crash in REX today, bad enough to have completely hung my system, requiring a reboot and chkdsk, which found one corrupted file and index and deleted them, no further disk errors remaining. Have uninstalled and reinstalled FSX: Gold, to no avail. Have uninstalled REX, FSX still hangs at splash screen. Doesn't even get to creating fsx.cfg (creates a file but with nothing in it, zero bytes. Everything was running fine until now, with exception of the constant script error with REXWX. Event Viewer gives me a .NET 2.0 Runtime Error for REX.exe, Application Failure. Is my .NET 2.0 corrupted now, too?! I've never had a software program do this much damage to my system in six years of careful, thorough maintenance and updating. An out of ideas.
  22. Im very new to REX just installed about a week ago. I tried to do flight today from KMSP and REX was showing 1/2 vis with snow yet fsx was showing rather clear conditions with vis 10+. Following advice I read here last week i start REX let it load then start FSX configure flight etc then I select "Fly Now" in REX box..then select "load weather" button. i see green bar up top load left to right. then I have to select "Fly Now" in FSX. Does this all seem correct? Any help or advice would be appreciated In my signature I believe Ive included all requested info. ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: SystemXCopy2.xcopyBackupInitial Error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Flight Simulator X\Effects\texture\fx_2.bmp'. on 2-2-2013 ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWeatherEnginePlus Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. on 2-2-2013 ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWeatherEnginePlus Error: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC000013C today 2-10-2013 Thanks
  23. Hi There, just after the REX Essential Plus release, I installed it over my REX Overdrive copy. Whenever in the air and especially on approach when the weather reloads the aircraft abruptly shifts to one side like if it would catch a strong wind shear, secondly when I am on approach or mid air the autopilot either disconnects or the speedtape starts to go up and down abnormally and the aircraft starts to pitch up and down. I have this only when using REX if I use Active Sky 2012 it does not happen or if I dont use any wheather engine. Perhaps I should reinstall comlpetely new from scratch? I rather prefer to use REX over Active Sky with the Plus edition you have so nicely created, its superb. I adjusted the settings for winds and wind shear etc in the REX setting screen to 0 or 1 but when ever it downloads and injects the weather i have these shifts and the approach issue. Also I should mentioned its is not only on the approach but also happens mid-air or soon after take-off when the speed tape starts to get abnormal and starts jumping up and down which is annoying and I cant read the speed anymore and can't make an approach or fly. Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit)64-BitRAM memory size8GBVideo card and memory sizeEVGA GTX570 SCOverclocking?yes to 4.5 on watercooling, stableTotal hard drive space2x3TBUsing REX in a network or notnopeWhich version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs)FSX AccelerationInternet connection active or notactive but slow (sometimes having the error message "can't download weather'' error)Which antivirus software runningAVG freewareWhether or not firewall runningMicrosoft STD firewall only, Windos Defender disabledWhether or not you are utilizing FSUIPCutilizing yes, weather settings offIf there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your postno errors loggedIs UAC turned OFF in Windowsalways turned offWhere is REX installeddefault path where it wants to install it to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Real Environment Xtreme 2.0Where is P3D installedThank you much
  24. This morning when I start up REX I`m unable to load real weather ,I can only load weaether theme and cannot change it. I run REX on a remote pc ,simconnect works because Squawkbox for fsx works . The simulator location folder and the profile name are gone and I cannot restore them. When I browse to the location folder on the fsx pc it will not store also the same with the profile name . I try to restore the configuration its not working. I have no clue whats happens , yesterday it works fine ,overnight pc out , starting up no changes are made by me . ip addresses not changed .avg not changed.I try`d without avg firewall no difference the REX on the fsx pc works fine both versions build are the same In the "about REX " tab shows the fsx REX the product key and the remote not regards wil
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