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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Excuse my bad English. Two days ago REXESSOD install initially went well, but yesterday began to fail i reinstall everything Simulator (FSX). The following problems remain: 1.- DOWNLOAD CENTER NOT ACCESSIBLE. 2.- In WEATHER SETTING, are not available "USE REAL-WEATHER DATA" or "USE ARCHIVED ..." 3.- In "CONFIGURATION MANAGER" if I access "FORGOT YOUR USERNAME AND ..?" the message "HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable" appears. Can you help me? THANKS Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit) : W7 64 RAM memory size: 8 GB Video card and memory size: GTX 970 4GB Overclocking? Total hard drive space: 5 TB Using REX in a network or not: NOT Which version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs): ? Internet connection active or not: ACTIVE Which antivirus software running: NOT Whether or not firewall running: NOT Whether or not you are utilizing FSUIPC: YES If there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your post Is UAC turned OFF in Windows: YES IS OFF Where is REX installed: D\REX ESSENTIAL PLUS OVERDRIVE Where is FSX installed : D\FSX Do you start REX by RIGHT CLICKING the exe file and selecting RUN AS ADMIN EACH time?: YES What is your RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME set to in FS? Did you use a flightplan from REX when experiencing the error(s)? Did you make changes to the CONFIGURATION screen or are ALL the settings stock?
  2. Lately, when using REX 2.0 Essentials Plus Overdrive "Fly Now" and "Load Weather" I get "Service Unavailable" "HTTP Error 503: The service is unavailable". Why is this happening? Thank you for your assistance.
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