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Found 457 results

  1. Good news from Essential Plus! Now I am getting the weather injection! But... WX engine never shows the aircraft in the right place, and the weather injection does not match with the proper METAR... Errorlog below: might this be related to Windows 7 Region Configuration? In Brazil comma "," is used for decimal separation, instead of a dot "." ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: metardata.add30LatLont Error: Wrong number of arguments used with function in query expression 'metardate = '15-Nov-12' and metartime = '21' and used = 1 and type = '1' and (Val(lat) >= Val(-51,07934) and Val(lat) <= Val(8,92066)) and (Val(lont) >= Val(-78,88753) and Val(lont) <= Val(-18,88753))'.
  2. Trying to give it another go, but after following all the downloading steps and after running the program as an Administrator I get the message "REX Essentail has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution.....". Have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Have uninstalled and downloaded the zip file twice more and tried reinstalling. Nothing seems to work. Happy new year!
  3. Hi There, just after the REX Essential Plus release, I installed it over my REX Overdrive copy. Whenever in the air and especially on approach when the weather reloads the aircraft abruptly shifts to one side like if it would catch a strong wind shear, secondly when I am on approach or mid air the autopilot either disconnects or the speedtape starts to go up and down abnormally and the aircraft starts to pitch up and down. I have this only when using REX if I use Active Sky 2012 it does not happen or if I dont use any wheather engine. Perhaps I should reinstall comlpetely new from scratch? I rather prefer to use REX over Active Sky with the Plus edition you have so nicely created, its superb. I adjusted the settings for winds and wind shear etc in the REX setting screen to 0 or 1 but when ever it downloads and injects the weather i have these shifts and the approach issue. Also I should mentioned its is not only on the approach but also happens mid-air or soon after take-off when the speed tape starts to get abnormal and starts jumping up and down which is annoying and I cant read the speed anymore and can't make an approach or fly. Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit)64-BitRAM memory size8GBVideo card and memory sizeEVGA GTX570 SCOverclocking?yes to 4.5 on watercooling, stableTotal hard drive space2x3TBUsing REX in a network or notnopeWhich version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs)FSX AccelerationInternet connection active or notactive but slow (sometimes having the error message "can't download weather'' error)Which antivirus software runningAVG freewareWhether or not firewall runningMicrosoft STD firewall only, Windos Defender disabledWhether or not you are utilizing FSUIPCutilizing yes, weather settings offIf there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your postno errors loggedIs UAC turned OFF in Windowsalways turned offWhere is REX installeddefault path where it wants to install it to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Real Environment Xtreme 2.0Where is P3D installedThank you much
  4. Hello gents, I currently have REX Essential build 3.1.2012.1028. After downloading the Beta, it says I need Build 1029. Checking Flightsimstore, I still have 97 downloads available of REX. So...can I install the beta? If not, where can I get build 1029? Will the version available for download from Flightsimstore be 1029?
  5. I am still experiencing sudden wind shift at various flight levels. Airspeed jumps from 260 to 310 or vise verse 308 t0 215. I have REX Essential+OD, I am utilizing FSUIPC for wing smoothing, apparently it is not helping much. Is there any fix available? Thanks
  6. Hi there, I understand (and have experienced) that cloud rendering has a rather big impact on FPS . . . so . . . If I set my FSX.cfg TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD to 1024 (i.e. my usual default setting), in order to get the best performance (i.e. minimal FPS hit), should I load the cloud textures from REX at 1024 resolution or 512 ? In other words, would there still be benefit in loading the lower texture resolution of 512 given that TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD is set to 1024. Hope the question makes sense. (Note: Water settings etc. are at 1024). Help from the REX experts would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
  7. I'm currently using REXESS+OD build 3.5.2012.1029 and my sim location path points to P3D (P3D activated). from the REX manual page 50 : "WX TEXTURES is used to analyze weather conditions and choose a set of textures that match. Select WX TEXTURES and REX Essential+ will begin installing textures into flight simulator. It is very important that FSX or Prepar3D is NOT running before selecting the WX TEXTURES process." When the wx texture process is running, the REX window that pops up displays numerous short messages. Some of them are showing that wx texture files are injected into FSX ? How can I make sure the wx texture process loads the set of textures into P3D ? Is the wx texture process supposed to inject wx texture files in both the sims even if the sim location path points to one of them only ?
  8. I have just bought your new product REX Essential plus overdrive and installed it, this is the full Set in the Box with 3 Discs version 3.5 2012 1029, and we have the same issue as we had before, and that is the Tropical textures will not save, I have followed instructions as I should, using the auto installer that comes with the set, I had the same problem with my previous set up using the old version, downloading the upgrades and then installing, I hope that you folk are still going to do an update on this as you mentioned before Xmas, to other users I thought that by purchasing the new release 3 disc set I would not have this problem, but I was wrong. Am using Windows 7 and FSX with acceleration. If you have any ideas on how this may be resolved, it will be appreciated. Regards John Macdonald P C Aviator Date: Jan 11, 2013 19:17:04 Order id: #89516
  9. Dear I have the following issue. example: I created a flight plan from VHHH to RPLL. Then they charge REX + OV and charge the actual weather. I give fly now and so far so good. I can see from the FSCaptain FCOM that the climate of departure and destination concide with the same file that is inside the metar_report.xml (VHHH = Fog and RPLL = Clear). Now, after several hours of flight, logically climate has changed the destination airport (in this example a clear change of rain storms). And I can check both the file and the FCOM metar_report.xml the conciden FSCaptain and both the climate now is rain storms. But when he landed, the weather in my FSX not change and remains the same from the first injection of REX (Clear) Yes, I can note that during the flight in the air, the climate has some changes but I think they are the ones that were generated from the first intervention of REX. I believe that one day download the climate forcing from the radar screen and I think if they made ​​the change, but I'm not sure and retest. However this is not the right thing and to update the weather automatically every time FSX auto updates. Additional Information: I I have in my settings to download REX weather every 15 minutes REX 3.5.2012.1029 Please your help
  10. Evening Guys I have downloaded / installed the latest REX Essential Plus (version 3.1.2012.1028) from FSS however it does not load the weather into FSX. FSX and REX are both installed into the root of the C Drive. (C:\FSX - C:\REX....) and also "run as admin". I've tried to load the weather manually via the weather engine still to no avail. On my friends REX, when he comes out of free flight, he sees the weather map and the position of his aircraft, on mine the map never loads, just the green starting screen as if the weather engine has crashed. I've download and re-installed both FSX & REX 3 times now with it not working on any occurrence. I've checked the error log, and below is what it says "ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.ucWebPlanner1_GoRadar Error: Input string was not in a correct format" Many Thanks for any help Billy
  11. Can you explain what the Low level visibility setting in REX does? I had it set to both 10sm and 50sm but don't see a difference in the sim (I have it set to 10sm now). What exactly am I looking for with those settings?
  12. I am having the same problem others have had. With REX Essential plus Overdrive version 3.5.2012.1029.It freezes up FSX with no recovery.I have Win 7 64 bit home premium.no firewalls turned on and that includes the default windows firewall and internet security options.Not overclocked,I have Asus crossfire mother board with 2 ATI 4870 cards running,Intel core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHz,2 TB hard drive with 8 GB installed,FSUIPC free one,UAC is off and REX does run as administrator internet is broadband with either AOL or windows 7.This freezup happens with all my aircraft and I have been flying with flight plan. Do you suggest I post my REX error log files and Windows system event log? Edit: I just flew a 3.5 hr flight without a flight plan and everything worked fine.
  13. I just updated my REX Ess to REX Ess plus OD, but my P3D option isnt activated, while it has been in the earlier version. How do I fix this?
  14. I have given up trying to figure out WHAT IT IS about my system that that is causing REX not to work. I have asked for help in trying to figure out WHAT IT IS ABOUT MY SYSTEM that is causing this failure. I have spent days trying to figure it out and understand that REX is a great peace of software, BUT IT WILL NOT WORK on MY new system. I do not know why. I have changed permissions, close down UAI for users, loaded AIAutomaticCore.dll, loaded in Simconnect, totally wiped FSX and everything related to it off my harddrive, reloaded out side of the program files., Shared folders, unlocked folders and anything else I can think of. I even chaged the Graphics card and added new memory. I paid twice for the program, because FSS didn't update my download in a timely manner, and I am currently waiting for the delivery of REX Essn, Plus HD on DVD. Maybe the download I was corrupted, I do not know, all I know is I can't get it to work after many days of frustration. I know it is not REX's fault but until I get it to work and understand the nature of the problem I will not be able to upload it to my main simulator. All my drivers are up-todate, and everything else is working well. THere are now no issues found by any of the three registry programs I used, or AVG anti Virus. I have loaded everything back in and FSX is working great except for REC weather Engine, and FLight One's G1000 Panel won't load, and some dlls for FTX airports. What I am trying to figure out is what REX and these other programs are doing and have in common. I can't do that without help on several fronts. But it SEEMS to appear that when there is a call to a secondary FOLDER for a Dll or file in the FSX directory the sytem fails with some software, of WHich REX is one of four programs having trouble. I do not know if this is significant or not. If it is then what could cause FSX to shuit down? It must be something in the WIn7 64 way of looking at files or something that causes some programs not to be able to find a called for file. So this is were I leave this matter and will not post again unless I find the problem. Thanks for trying to help but I am at a dead end with this one. Frustrated
  15. Hello,i click on just want to fly and the textures ect load half way through my whole screen flashes and goes black and it then goes back to the REX interface again and just sits there? ps. i then click fly now and it just flashes? no radar...... thanks as always james.
  16. I'm running REX Essential Plus HD on Windows 7. Everything had been working fine until just recently. When I select Wx Plus mode I get the same rainy, overcast weather instead of the actual weather or selected weather theme. It seems to work fine in Standard Wx mode and I can get current weather and themes. I got to looking in the error logs and found several errors of the type below where there is a path missing. Sure enough when I look at the REX Essential Plus directory the path for WxTheme is missing. Is this the reason I'm not getting any change to the weather in Plus mode? If not, what is causing it and how do I fix it? If this is the cause for my problems, any idea how I would have lost the WxTheme sub-directory and is there a way to repair it? Also, I see references to a database repair tool. Where can I find the tool and any chance it will help solve my problem? ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: weathertheme.generateWindVisSmoothingWTBFile Error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\REX Essential Plus\WxTheme\current.asm'. Thanks Mike
  17. Everything works in REX except loading textures into FSX. REX freezes loading "cumulus01.bmp." It reports that "Real Environment Xtreme is running the cloud conversion batch." Once REX stopped, I ran Task Manager, confirmed REX was inactive, and closed REX Essentials under the "Applications" tab. The "Processes" tab still showed REX.exe*32, but it was not active. When I re-ran REX, cumulus01.bmp and the remaining cloud conversion batch ran and loaded properly. But REX then hung when running the inland water conversion batch. I closed REX and repeated the above procedure two more times. REX next hung running the ocean water conversion batch and finally the tropical water conversion batch. Task Manager's "Processes" tab now had 4 REX.exe*32 processes listed as open, but inactive. When the most recently loaded REX was still running, it had the most CPU and Memory activity. All of the previous REX.exe*32 processes intermittently had CPU and Memory activity until the most recently loaded REX process hung. The final (fifth) rerun loaded the complete texture file and reported "Your textures have been successfully loaded." At the same time, all five REX.exe*32 processes had a brief burst of activity and then closed properly in Task Manager. I ran FSX and confirmed that the textures were finally successfully loaded and displaying in FSX. I copied this first theme's new "texture" folder and renamed the copy "texture default" for future use. I repeated this three more themes in REX("texture stormy", "texture smog," etc.). These next 3 texture themes now all ran without freezing, and loaded properly into FSX. I ran FSX for each theme to confirm they loaded and displayed properly. To change texture theme files, I just delete the "texture" file, copy one of my four renamed texture files, and rename the copy "texture." I can tell which texture theme file I have in the current" texture" folder by comparing its file size with the file sizes of my 4 renamed texture theme archive files. After I became familiar with how my 4 themes looked, I ran REX to fine-tune my water slider settings. When I loaded the first modified texture into FSX, REX once again hung while running cloud conversion batch, and three more times during the same conversion-batch processes. Once this first texture was finally loaded, the next three REX texture files ran and loaded flawlessly. REX hung the first time I ran the newly purchased downloaded version on December 6. I suspected a download corruption. When I got my DVD, I followed the REX manual's uninstall instruction (except running a registry cleaner) and reinstalled the REX from the DVD. It also hung while running the same process. I searched the REX support forum and then uninstalled-reinstalled REX, adding some additional steps suggested on the forum. REX still hung, so I uninstalled REX from my client PC and re-installed it on my FSX server. It still hung like before. By manually copying, deleting, and renaming my REX texture files created in FSX, then defragging, I am able to use REX textures. But this is a pain. I'd like to simply use your program's "install" option without having to manually run and close a repeatedly freezing REX 5 times to get the first theme loaded that session. The system specs you requested are listed below. I have run out of new things to try. ----------------------------------- REX TEXTURE CONFIGURATION Not Loaded: Airport Textures, Runway/Taxiway Textures, and light Textures Not selected: "DX10 Optimized" Optimization selections: 1024 x 1024 (all), DXT5 and DXT1 REX weather engine: Turned off (it works, but was turned off) Error logs: No errors reported
  18. Hi, I just installed REXE+ and, on my first flight, am having a temperature problem. I'm flying just north of John Wayne Airport (KSNA) at 4000 ft and my OAT indicator (the thermometer above the copilot's head in a C182) is showing 5F at 4000 ft.. REXE+ says it's supposed to be 2C at 5000ft. To verify this, in FSX (looking at the weather dialog) it also says the temperature is 5F outside. My engine keeps dying...due to icing maybe (I have REXE+ icing off but, perhaps, FSX is just sensing I'm in an untenable situation even with carb heat and pitot heat on. So, it's messed up so I reset my sim with ctrl-;. After that, on the ground the temperature in my OAT without the engines running says it's 28F (pretty cold for LA) while in the REX GUI it shows the temperature at the surface to be 8C which would be about 56F (back of the envelop). Okay, finally, I reset REXE+ and told it to reload the weather and the OAT went to 51F...much better. I restarted the flight and, once again, as I climbed to 4000, the temperature dropped like a rock to 0F. Something's not right. I don't have any other wx engine running. FSX weather is set to User Defined, The only other add-on I have running are EZDoc and FSUIPC. I don't have any wx options turned on in FSUIPC other than wind smoothing (which, I think, is the default because I never touched it.). Last thing I did was shut REXE completely down and load FSX real world weather while still at 4000 ft. The OAT immediately went to 40F. I ran REXE+ again, manually set FSX WX back to custom and had it load it's weather. Temperature dropped right back down to 0F. REXE knows what the temperature is supposed to be (as displayed in the Winds Aloft box) but that's not what it's putting into FSX. I then tried the setting to use VATSIM data and the temperature at 4000 read correctly at 40F. Maybe that's a work around. Clearly, something's not right here. Regards, Gregg EDIT: Today I tried the same flight and the temperature was fine without the VATSIM wx. It's disconcerting that it happened on my very first flight but, maybe it was a data issue? Hard to say. One other thing. I'm trying to practice my instruments flying from KSNA to KLAX at 2000 ft with 1 mile vis. I set a visibility layer at every altitude from 100 ft to 2500 ft. and turning off real world visibility. As I climb, everything is fine...1 mile vis until I get up to about 1700 ft and then, all of the sudden, the vis clears up and I have about 10 miles vis. It looks like real world weather has overridden my vis layers. Tried it in both WX PLUS and Standard Mode. Is there some other way to do this?
  19. Hi everyone, i just got REX installed on my PC. (bought today) 1) I couldnot install it on my 2nd SSD (cab1 recognition problem) , i had to install it on my 1st SSD (system SSD C://) 2)when i launch REX, it's freezing. i can't even enter one info on the 1st screen... it makes the program bugging... and i paid 30€ for that... woua?! Someone already had this issue? Thanks for ur help!
  20. I had purchased the REX Extreme 2.0 and recently downloaded the REX Essential Plus from the download link available from Flight Sim Store. I notice the overdrive is not included. Where can i find the link for upgrade and if i need to pay could you assist me with a link pls Regards Vybhav Order Number: FSS0156748 Order Date: 2012-03-29 REX Version Build : 3.1.2012.1028
  21. Hi all. I've been flying REX+overdrive since the upgrade came out and have had no big problems. Flying to Madeira, I've encountered, almost every time, a weather that is completely different from the downloaded METAR. When checking the weather before the flight, it is a nice VFR day with few clouds and gusty winds. TAF indicates similar. Flying past Porto Santos island about 30 miles before Madeira, I can see the Madeira island but its ATC tells me the field is IMC. I make the approach and passing about 4000 feet I am in clouds/fog. Down to 900 feet, still the same with hard core low visibility. When I then divert to Porto Santos, the weather is a good VFR, similar to what Madeira METAR was before taking off. What causes this for Madeira, pretty much ignoring its METAR? I am using Standard weather with interpolations on (micro is off). Sliders for the interpolation is all the way to the left for better accuracy. I have weather download 15 minutes turned on. Appreciate your guidance.
  22. Hello, I am having another issue with the FlightAware service. I am getting a message that says that my card has expired and asks me to enter a new card number. However, my card is still perfectly valid and I am still getting charged for the service. Restoring my account from the configuration menu does not work. I keep getting the expired card message. Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. Hello REX team, I have a question for REX database. How can I create a new database file. The reason for this is that my RexEss + Overdrive loaded the weather in the WX mode very slow in FSX. It took about 10 minutes and more. In WX Plus mode that went in 1 to 2 minutes. I copied it from my backup the database to the folder and see REX as the WX mode is also recharged quickly. Repairing the database using the REX tool has not helped. How can we create a new database file when the old one is not working. Sorry about my bad english, i use Google to tranlate Frank from EDDM
  24. Hi I have been away from FSX for a while. I purchased REX 2,0 back in the day, then I got OD, Essentials, Now I see there is a REX essential Plus OD. Is this something I have to invest more money to or something that I can get for free after owning the first few? If it is more like a free upgrade how do I go about getting this software? Thanks.
  25. Good day to you all . Am trying to setup Aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and it asking for REX Data folder . Where would i find the data folder ? If any one try it already please help thank. Clayton
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