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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I’m having issues with my install it’s saying it’s missing a server or something
  2. I am having trouble getting my Environment Force to reinstall after a system refresh... I kept getting the error posted in the images below. Now when i try to install it i get "You have reached the maximum number of installs" message.... Can this please be reset, and help me get this installed again because i think this makes P3D so realistic and a pleasure to fly again..... Thank you in advance....
  3. I bought REX 4 texture direct HD - steam edition and I wanted to know if I can also use it with prepar3d v4 because in the REX configuration screen it is not possible to enter the prepar3d path. thank you.
  4. Dear REX I have installed REX essential from my CD in P3D V2 but when I'm going to start software Rex4 essential does not start and tell me " contact REX support " Please tell me about? Regards Cristiano
  5. My PC is totally formatted due to technical issue yesterday. I tried to install REX Essential+OD which was purchased from www.flightsim.com in 2012. However installation can not proceed due to verification issue. Please advise how to get latest version and verification for installation. Order #FSS0251576
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