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Found 4 results

  1. REX SKY FORCE 3D Tornadoes in south

    Did you guys here about those tornadoes in alabama could have been awsome to see it in skyforce
  2. Hello guys how are you? Too much time without using the SIM and now that I have a llittle more time I would like to continue flying with the SIM. I saw the new Sky Force 3D. I saw that for existing REX users we have 15% Off. I bouught my previous REX orders in FlightSim Store but I cannot find where or how the 15% off can be applied. Could you help me with this guys? Best regards Alex
  3. REX SKY FORCE 3D Awsome wind and wx site

    Found this really sweet website check it out to work with SF3D windy. com
  4. Thank you SO much for the thunder sound when entering the site. I had my speakers turned up and soiled myself and my Depends shipment is late.