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Found 5 results

  1. asustech


    Hi Guys For what its worth i thought i would share my delight. I have been playing FSX since the early 90's and seen so many add ons and hardware come and go over the years. I have messed with many CFG files and tried many add ons. I currently have whats in my signature and use Pro flight panels etc. Like most of us i have had many FSX freezes and crashes which has caused many a grrrr moments. Especially on long haul flights. 4 days ago i took the plunge into FSX SE and all i can say is, wow! The whole sim, including all the REX add ons, run with ultra smoothness and good FPS. I wish i had done this awhile ago! Im not pushing steam but just a personal experience that may help other like minded simmers. I rarely comment on forums but felt compelled to on this occassion. I hope it helps. Ps I am most unlikely to invest in the Flight world as i see no add ons may not be compatible. However, i am sure that REX will have something that may work with it.
  2. Reginald Jefferson

    REX ESSENTIAL W/ OD verification

    request verification order # VAQATAXCZ purchased from REX Store on 2/20/2016
  3. I have been using REX w/OD in FSX now for sometime and I can't figure out why the wind shifts 180 or more degrees 3-6 times in a matter of 1-2 minutes, while on climbout, cruise or descents. It drives my FSX aircraft A/P nuts. Is there a fix or work-around for this issue? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, been off FSX for a while now, I see REX came out with a few new software titles. I currently have FSX and REX Essential & Overdrive.. Being everything is 50% off now, I was looking to get Soft clouds and REX 4 Texture direct. I know soft clouds runs alone and or with overdrive.. How about REX 4 texture direct? Now sure if I need either one with Overdrive.. ANy help wopuld be GREAT! thanks in advance and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!
  5. As an Indian flight simmer, it would be a pleasure to get information of websites that support INR ... I am planning to buy REX Essentials with OverDrive , but I cant find any website that supports INR..