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Found 10 results

  1. I'm sorry I don't understand what to do, but can someone please provide me with the procedure for installing REX Essentials w/od AND REX 4 TD + Soft Clouds into my P3Dv3. I have REX Essential w/od version 3.8.2014.1126 AND REX 4 Texture Direct HD plus REX Soft Clouds. I have these products installed in FSX. I use REX Essentials for the weather engine [fly now] and I use REX 4 + Soft Clouds for my texture themes. I recently purchased P3Dv3 (actually I am currently using 3.3 and have not yet done the 3.4 updating. I have added all my scenery addons and a few planes to this new install. I am ready to add my REX to P3Dv3. I searched, read and tried to find out what the procedure was for installing Essentials and REX4 into my P3Dv3 and I'm sorry but I'm darned if I understand what to do. - I see I need to buy the one time REX access rights for Essentials to P3D....fair enough, I see a buy button etc. What happens after I buy a license for P3D, how do I install it into P3D? How do I install REX4 + Soft Clouds into my P3Dv3, when I launch the installer it asks me if I want to modify, repair or remove my REX 4 installation, there does not appear to be a pointer for P3D? Also when I launch REX 4, it says I should update to a new version, it directs me to the patch, I try to run the patch and I get an error. Do I need to grab and install all previous hotfixs and patches for this installer to work? Checking for updates reads "you need to update to version 4.8.2016.0926, click OK, it downloads a reinstaller file, I click on this exe and I get an error, cannot access URL blah blah blah, I shut off my firewall, installer seems to work, I select "modify" and it runs, then I launch REX 4 again, I get the same notice that I need to update, therefore the installer isn't doing anything. Sorry, but I'm totally confused on what I should do. 1. for the reinstall 2. for updating REX 4 so I can proceed with using is and install into P3D. Bryan
  2. i have both fsx boxed and fsx stream how do i get to work on stream not the boxed version please help
  3. Hi I just bought Rex4 Texture direct. But i found out its no weather machine!! So: If i want to create a flightplan from A to B. And all the way the weather shall be a major thunderstorm with lighting and turbolence. How do i create this, or do i need to buy something extra :-) I have been told that it should be possible to load in some historic "BAD" weather Your Sincerely Kim, Denmark
  4. Hello, I just installed REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. When the installer was running, I got an error message saying that the: "SQL Server VSS Writer Failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services." I clicked skip, then the installer completed the installation. I then ran the REX 4 application as an administrator and it loaded the application, but there was just a big black box on the screen. I have tried the 64 bit SQL server installer listed in the forum, and the sqlprocess.bat file with no luck. Any help would be appreciated as I have been working on this for hours. Thanks, Colton
  5. Hi, Again REX 4 Texture Direct is no weather machine. Until i found the harddrive where my old REX ( With W, engine ) is hidden. To where do I browse when i have no weather engine. It doesn`t say in the manual ( As I can see ). - Maybe Fsx.cfg or Texture direct.exe? When I save and install a theme nothing happens when REX4 auto opens FSX. I can see that the texture is much more better. But in order to use the theme I installed and saved. Is there anything i should do when FSX starts? Like go to weather section and choose " Thunderstorm" Or just create a new flight. Please help Yours sincerely Joaqin, Denmark
  6. I'm trying to install the new version of REX 4 Texture Direct (With Soft Clouds) after a clean install of Windows but when I download the files through the REX Download Manager no setup file is provided.
  7. OK, I give up. Whenever I download updates I get error messages - the most recent suggested I need a bootstrapper. I have the following version of Texture Direct 4 4.3.2014.1210 and the original Soft clouds without updates because I cannot update it to 4.1 2015.0109. I have had enough. All I ask is, is there anywhere I can get the complete up to date version of both TD4 and soft clouds? I am willing to pay again from scratch for both products just to get the updates included. No update advice please just the total package, where I can get it and the price. regards, Gerry Engwerda
  8. Hello a few days ago I got a virus on my PC, a nasty little bug called Help_Decrypt which was attached to every single file on my PC, on three seperate drives. Neither my AVG virus software or malwarebytes could locate and removed the files. Installing ESET NOD32 however, did the trick....However, FSX could no longer run and kept giving me a sound.dll error. Uninstalling/reinstalling FSX SP1 and SP2 did not resolve the problem so I was forced to uninstall FSX...Nevertherless, REX4 texture worked just fine at this point. So I uninstalled and reinstalled FSX on the same dedicated SSD drive which was securely erased first, but not before I had removed all previous installation of any programs or addons that ran with FSX, including REX 4 texture direct which was installed on my C:\ root directory...not in Programs File(86). Currently, FSX with many of its addons is running beautifully. After FSX installation I went to my email found the REXstore product download which was purchased in January of this year. Proceeded to download (rextexturedirect_SP4). This downlaoded a very quick setup.exe file. When I ran this, it installed REX Download Manager. I ran the downlaod manager, selected my product, entered my key and took more than 3hrs to download. NOTE: Before I reinstalled FSX or or attempted to install REX, I disabled, AVG, Malwarebytes and NOD32 and double checked to make sure windows firewall was still disabled...It was. I ran REX installation, it completed and I ran it....What I got was a white splash screen and nothing else. Task manager indicated that it was not responding. I verified once again that nothing was blocking REX and there wasn't. I checked the REX files that were downloaded and what I saw was four (CAB files, 1,2,3,4, rextexture_2014120msi and setup.exe). So I uninstalled and reinstalled again...same thing... I decided to try the old files, that were downloaded way back in January. I was hesitant at first thinking it could be damaged somehow from the virus, but I noiced a distinct difference between the two downloaded packages. The one downloaded in January of this year contained more cab files. (CABS 1,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,110,111, rextexture_2014120msi and setup.exe)....Looking at the numbers, it appeared that both packages have some missing files.....In any case, I installed this package without errors, ran it and a white splash screen...not responding So now the question is, are files in fact missing and how can I download REX full package and get it up and running today......hopefully? By the way, I want to point out that when I ran REX aftrer installation on both packages, there was a splash screen with REX clouds etc, and showed that it was finalizing initialization. AFter that completed, then I got the white splash square box. Hope this isnt confusing See attached images Thanks Troy
  9. Hi folks! Everyone has used the "weather texture" option in REX 4 or Essential. The option, after downloading weather data from server, allows REX to select the "textures which best represent those weather conditions". Now the thing is amazing... if... it doesn't change (randomly?) all the other textures you patiently found were the best to fit to your skies, airport runways, taxiways, light effects, etc. Here is the question: is there a way to use the "WX texture" features allowing REX to change ONLY the cloud texture and sky colours?
  10. Hi I ordered REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds yesterday and tried to download it today. I download REX Download Manager installation over the e-mail link and started the download. The download started with 6.5MB/sec but then it slowed down until it stabilized at around 156KB/sec. Since the download is very large the full download will take the hole day and night till it's finished. Please tell what I can do to avoid that or if possible send me a direct server download link, where I can download the files myself. To make sure it's not a problem with my computer I also tried it on my laptop with the same result. Thanks a lot Mike
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